Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Transformation Tuesday -- Spotlight: Samantha Carranza

Meet Sam! She's a perdyy and busy mama of 3 (one being a new addition to the fam), in school, working hard towards her fitness goals and is a newer Phoenix Dynasty Coach. She loves country, she's got a helping heart and knows what its like to get ass handed to her by Shaun T ;-) 

First and Last Name:
Samantha Carranza

Program Used for Transformation

How did you get started with Beachbody?
my husband bought insanity three years ago and I finally gave it a shot and officially fell in love!

Why did you decided to use this program for your transformation?
I love the way inanity makes me feel everytime I complete a workout.

Where does your motivation come from?
My motivation come from myself, my kids & my husband. I want to be the best possible version of myself not only to make myself happy but to set a great example. My kids and my husband are my biggest fans. They keep me going daily.
What were your results like? How did that make you feel?
They were amazing! I am not done yet but I am definitely happy with how far I've come in just 60 days
What are your honest thoughts about the program?
I cannot say anything bad about insanity I absolutely love it!

How has your mental fitness changed since day 1 of the program compared to the last day? Besides the physical results, how did it affect you on the inside?
Along with my physical results it has definitely given me a little more confidence and helped with my anxiety

What 2-3 things do you feel helped you complete your Beachbody program? What tools helped you stay focused?
Number one key to my success was having support. Everyone was rooting for me so it was important to show them all I could do it! also tracking my workouts and meals reading daily motivational quotes helped me big time!

What advice would you give to someone who is considering starting an at home Beachbody program?
Start where you feel comfortable insanity isn't something everyone will love as much as I do but with the help of your amazing Beachbody coach we can find you the perfect program for you! Beachbody has a program for everyone!

You can contact Samantha, HERE.

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