Wednesday, September 3, 2014

3 Tips You Can Apply to Your Beachbody Business NOW!

1. Choose 2 social media platforms starting out 

Look, being a social media queen takes time, persistence, serious consistency and some help. If you're a new coach starting out, think quality over quantity... if you're all over the place, you're going to get all over the place results. Knowing your ideal coach and customers characteristic and qualities will be a big help when deciding which two social media platforms to use, you'll want to know where your targeted audience spends their time!

Obviously Facebook is one of the most mainstream ways to build your Beachbody business & millions of people are on it. In fact I haven't seen any top coach build a successful business without Facebook... yet. But if you think you can get away with JUST Facbook alone if you're truly building for success, you need to get out there a little more! There's tons to choose from, the most popular being Youtube, Instagram, Blogging, Wordpress, Pinterest, LinkedIN, Twitter. When you're good at two and able to manage and schedule your posting, taking on a third never hurts! If you're already working more than 2 and you're new and overwhelmed, back off a little and focus in on what works.

Keep in mind, its not always about being internet savvy, this business is about connecting with people and building relationships!

2. Interact with your audience! 

Don't wait for people to just be magically DRAWN to you everyday, you're building a business, not a hobby! So you gotta get out there, make connections, talk to people, skip down memory lane and find ways you can help. The more you can help others get what they want, you'll be taken care of. A big portion of this business is investing into people, creating relationships, and sharing what works. Want to avoid feeling salesy? Then make friends, not just customers.  Plus friends are better to have, I have some all over the US and even other countries who I met through Beachbody and would totally let me visit! Cool, right? Remember to be INTERESTED vs INTERESTING... you can spend your time making yourself feel important or you can make others feel important. The ladder will give you more return!

3. Above All Else, Be Yourself

What an important piece of advice. You've head of The Law of Attraction right? Basically in short, its the theory that what you think about, you bring about (in fewer words and down to it).. what you focus on expands, like attracts like, you get it. What you give energy to you, you get more of.

People are going to be drawn to certain things about you, so don't EVER discredit the things that make you ... you! I've had people tell me they liked me because I had their similar body type, the way I posted on Facebook and shared my story, or that they loved Harry Potter too, or they related to my sense of humor, or found my blog through google. Whatever these things are, these are just small ways people connect with you and get to know you and vice versa!

Be yourself, speak your truth, and do so without apologies. Now that doesn't mean be scandalous and flash your dirty laundry to the Facebook feed, but I'm talking about being yourself, the best version of it most of the time ;-)

You have to let the silly things shine too, don't be afraid to have fun and laugh! Maybe that means at yourself, lighten up a little.

And realize this... we need coaches of ALL shapes and ALL sizes and ALL backgrounds in order to really accomplish our mission of helping people live healthier more fulfilling lives. I'm not going to relate to every single person out there and every single person won't relate to me. We can be united by our differences!

I hope these small tips helped, and if they did please leave a comment below! Feedback is always appreciated!

Love ya and keep changing lives!

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