Monday, August 25, 2014

Become a Phoenix Dynasty Coach!

Are you usually skeptical when something seems TOO good to be TRUE? I know I am… I’m always wondering ‘WHAT’s the CATCH???’

Proof: I just talked to AT&T about our U-Verse and they offered us 3 extra months of HBO/Starz/etc for FREE. My first reaction when she told me that they were doing it as a good deed because I’m a long time customer of theirs was, “So there’s NO strings attached? Are you SURE?” You know what I’m talking about right? 

Here’s the thing… I realize that a lot of these companies come off as a TOTAL scam at times!  Over the years I’ve been coaching I’ve seen companies BOOM then FADE, make BIG promises, promised it was EASY, PUSH to SELL rather than ASK ‘HOW CAN I HELP?’

But Beachbody coaching has never made ONE promise of the glitz and glamour if I didn’t put in the work. And let me tell you, putting in the work for the last 3.5 years has paid me in 100 fold, not just financially so that I can support myself completely on my own, pay off 20k in debt, and live comfortable (and not paycheck to paycheck FINALLY!) but in my personal day to day life.

And I can imagine that for you reading this (if you follow me at least) you’re probably wondering, “what the HECK does she do ALL day?!” besides blog, edit pictures, workout and drink Shakeology ;-) 

Well here’s your opportunity to find out… the whole REASON I’m doing this is because I know the personal impact of what the coaching opportunity has done for me. I WOULD DO THIS WITHOUT THE MONEY.. WHY? Because it’s impacted my life so deeply that I’ve had the BLESSED opportunity to impact others lives for the better! & I can guarantee that you have that same opportunity RIGHT NOW. 

& Right NOW, I’m looking to grow my circle of ‘DOERS’ and ‘LIFE CHANGERS’ 

Imagine how SELFISH it would be for me to hold back an opportunity thats done a 180 for my life? #Icanteven ;-)

I don’t need a fancy commitment from you! It’s an OPEN HOUSE for any *NON* coach, customers of mine, friends and family <3 If this sounds like something you want to learn more about and see if it would fit your lifestyle, CONTACT ME NOW! << that's where you will fill out a quick form and how I will get back in touch with you! Can't wait! <3 

“The only POSSIBLE journey is the ONE you BEGIN!”

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