Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to GET Motivated and STAY Motivated

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is, "how the heck did you stay MOTIVATED after all this time?" (in regards to working out and making healthy food choices)

Let me make a few things clear first...

  • I'm not P E R F E C T -- I slip up too. Sometimes those slip ups are too many stops at Rubio's for a tilapia burrito (have you had them? good lawwwdd those are amazing)
  • I don't bask in G U I L T trips -- most people guilt trip themselves SO hard they don't really see the point in starting again.
  • I give myself P EP talks -- I frequently talk to myself -- "come on Abby. You said you wanted this, how hard are you willing to work for it?" 
Now you're probably wondering, whats the secret sauce to making motivation last? 

From what I've experienced over the years as a coach is this, everyone has their own ingredients to a great recipe for change and success. 

But you have to figure out what those ingredients are that work FOR you. 

For me personally, I don't W A I T for M O T I V A T I O N to hit me! Shoot, if I did, I would NOT be where I am now. 

If I'm having one of those mornings where I just can't get myself there mentally, I have a few things that have worked for me that MAY just work for you.



I'm a visual peson, I need the goal to look and feel as real as possible -- when it feels tangible, it makes it that much more REAL, even if it hasn't come to fruition yet.
  • Create a workout and progress picture album in your phone. This is a GREAT place to store your personal photos of how far you have come, goal bodies, workout tips, motivational quotes and pictures. Don't skip your BEFORE photos, if you don't know where you started, you'll never know how far you have come! 

  • Leave yourself notes -- Sometimes even I have to put sticky notes on my fridge "Eat for the body you want!" Look, we all NEED accountability and pep talks and if no one is around, you have to start doing it for yourself. Woman up, its time to get responsible. 

  • Follow your favorite fitness gurus and health fanatics on Instagram and Facebook -- I'm a HUGE fan of Michelle Lewin, Hunnybunsfit, and Caitlin Rice -- I love checking out other women who have my goal body and great mental attitude. I THRIVE off happy people who work hard and exercise the BEST muscle of all -- CONSISTENCY. 

  •  Get a FEW workout buddies! No one said you have to do this alone, so why would you? I have several girls I keep in touch with about my workout progress (Jessica Beck, whats up girllll!!!) and we share workouts and our goals. Not only that, but I participate and keep connected with my fitness challenges online (to learn more about that, fill out the form on "Get Fit and Healthy Now!" tab at the top) 
  • Say it LOUD say it PROUD: Nothing creates accountability like saying it out loud to your friends and family, and sure as heck puts you on the hot seat. I guess a lot of people DON'T do this because they're afraid if they fall short, everyone will think they're just talk. But here's how I see it, if you're doing something about it -- you're half way there. Time will pass anyway right? May as well use it to YOUR advantage. And who are you doing it for anyway? THEM or YOU? 
  •  STOP thinking, START doing! Those weights won't lift themselves and that T25 DVD won't work unless you do. When I have mental blockage, I leave it at the door. The BEST way for me to clear my head is to STOP thinking and START doing! I can't sit around forever and hope that motivation will hit me so I can get a good workout in. Often times I get a good workout in and motivation hits me AFTER. 

  • Music- VERY obvious right? I personally love Sound Cloud the BEST. But the genre of music you listen to could be very different from what I listen to. When I workout I need upbeat music like House, dirty dutch, or even 70s Funk! My taste in music is pretty extensive, but you need to prepare yourself with you're "get up and feel good" playlist! I also have ONE or TWO songs that are my GO TO 'get up and dance' so I can get myself in peak state to be excited to workout! 
  • Youtube -- Ok, don't laugh but I LOVE listening to old Arnold Schwarzengger speeches, CT Fletcher, Will Smith, and motivational mash ups on 8Tracks (app) and whatever I can find on Youtube. Sometimes when you feel that the STRUGGLE is REAL -- you need some bad ass dudes to shake you up and get you going. I personally LOVE a little tough love when it comes to fitness because TOO many people make excuses, and when you let those take hold, its easier to choose the couch instead of the gym or a workout DVD. 


I think one of the MOST frustrating, yet LIBERATING epiphanies was that I was the KEY to reaching my goals and also the demise of it all, and it all lied in the choices I made daily.

I had to ask myself some harder questions, I had to DIG a LOT deeper if I wanted to reach new HEIGHTS. 

I encourage you to ask the same:

  • How committed am I to reaching my goals? What will it mean when I reach them? How will I feel? How will it change ME all around?
  • WHY am I doing this? Who am I doing it for? 
  • If I continue to use the same excuses, how is it going to effect my future? 
  • What am I doing now that is holding me back from my goals? 
I don't have all the answers, nor do I try to. Sometimes we don't get answers right when we want them, sometimes the things you want most take MORE time than you thought. 

But that's another key ingredient -- PATIENCE. Too many people give up because of the time it will take to get there, and MOST of those people were just an inch from success. 

Often times a break down can be life preparing you for a BREAK through. 

So don't give up. Had a bad cheat day? You can start with the next meal. 

Haven't worked out in months? Years? Today is a GREAT day to make a change. Today is a GREAT day to start a new habit. 

There's two things you MUST have if you want to be successful in just about ANY area of your life

PERSISTENCE and PATIENCE. Without those, you will be constantly battling yourself. 

Be persistent in your efforts, don't give up. Work harder than you ever have, when you feel like throwing in the towel, use it to wipe the sweat off and keep going. 

Be patient, this isn't a sprint. It's a marathon, and there's no finish line. Accept that this is a lifestyle change -- fitness and health are a corner stone of thriving vs surviving. 

I could go on and on... but Ill let the video speak for itself. 

Ciao fitness family!

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