Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Confession(s) of a Young Business Owner

** WARNING ** Things could get mushy, 100% raw, and a little hilarious. Read with caution EXCITEMENT.

A few years ago, I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I was going to school for psychology, but I just didn't feel that it was the place for me. I wasn't sure that was the job field I even wanted to be in years later down the road. But I still dreamt of finding my passion, something I could really look forward to.

My dream was this... somehow someway I was going to make an I M P A C T.

I remember being in 4th grade doing Denise Austin workouts in front of the TV thinking she had the coolest job EVER.

And I distinctly remember making a promise to myself that someday I would be a positive influence, a good woman, a good friend and happy. And somewhere in between being a teen and then being a young adult, I found the passion to do and be more.

I remember looking at older people and hearing them talk about their jobs, & believe it or not I somehow observed this... and I saw a lot more adults complaining about their work and job more than anything.

I couldn't imagine working a job that gave me no sense of fulfillment or purpose. And I'm not really interested in putting my future in someone else's hands from 9-5.

And if you think about it... you spend MOST of your life working! That means you're at your job -- and you better hope you love it because if you spend most of your life in misery over work, that just doesn't seem quite right.

I'm NOT saying this business is for everyone. I'm not saying every person should be a business owner.

I still enjoy other peoples passions, even if they aren't my own. But I just wasn't wired that way... I need and crave freedom in my time, creativity, finances, relationships, travel...

But I will be honest with you -- this isn't for the faint of heart. Three major lessons for me this year so far have been patience, consistency, and belief.


I wouldn't say I'm the MOST patient person. Which is interesting because in my industry (fitness), people are VERY impatient, even more so when they don't see instant results. I guess that never phased me because I LOVE to workout, so since I love it, its never been a chore and I know I'll see results because I won't quit.

BUT when it comes to business.. pfft. Talk about a different perspective! I know that things take time now, but this past year I questioned my ability as a coach and leader. I thought that if I didn't achieve this or that within a certain time period, that maybe this JUST wasn't for me. Let me tell you this now, and hear me loud and clear,  DOUBT will kill more DREAMS than FAILURE ever WILL!

How I got past it:

I came to the realization I may not grow my business as fast as others because of the choices and action I was making, different set of values, different use of time... I realized this is MY business, and I must take responsibility for that. I knew that I wanted to spend time on other things outside of Beachbody, and not burn myself out. However, I also knew I needed and wanted to step up my standard and grow more, so I had to find a balance. Also, getting real clear on your values and making sure you honor those as you GROW your business is key. Not only that, but I also realized that I NEED to get better about being focused and using my time. My time is indispensable, money will come and go though.


I think this has got to be the HARDEST thing I have ever done! HA! In regards to business, I have found that consistency is one of the biggest ingredients for success... without it you don't have a business, you have a hobby.

And you can't build a full time CEO check on a hobby. Consistency gives people a reason to TRUST you. Will you be there when others give up?

OR how about consistent with the daily things... as its been said, 'success is found in the small daily acts' and how true is that? Could you open up a clothing boutique and then say 'OPEN for BUSINESS' and then never put clothes on the hangers after they've been sold?

Also being consistent with your commitments and your time. Being WISE about what you do with your time, who you spend it with, how many calls you will be on for the day...etc.

My personality type is the kind that likes to say YES a lot -- we're the over committers. We get excited and we become YES MAN! It's funny because I can think of a FEW coaches like this on my team and it makes me giggle because #theSTRUGGLEisREAL

How I got past it:

So how do you get better at consistency? Well I think you need to look within and ask yourself some key questions like "is this REALLY want?" and if it is, "What MUST change?" "How are the excuses going to hurt and limit my future?"

 I started rewarding myself for my consistency -- pedicure, yoga class, small things I enjoyed. I found that when I indulged myself a little and did other things I enjoyed, it made it easier to want to be consistent!

I also had the talks with people who get my time, and told them I'm on a mission and need their support. I will be spending more time working, but I will have certain days off and times that I am available and focused.

While this has been the hardest and biggest hurdle, it honestly feels DAMN good when you get better at it. And hey, I'm up for the challenge! Especially if it means I am ensuring a BRIGHT future for myself and those I spend it with.


I had belief, but to an extent... I had limited belief. And to be honest, thats just shaky faith. You won't get far in this business without believing you can do it, that your dreams are possible, that you have it within you to reach your potential and surpass what you thought possible.

Because what you believe of yourself, you will feel everyday, and after while it seems almost numb. Let me explain... have you heard of the story of the elephant with a rope tied to its foot with a steak in the ground?

It's a loop the elephant could easily get out of, but over years its been trained to believe if he were to escape that he would get hurt (they would whip the elephant).  Are we afraid of getting hurt because success requires you to fail? Maybe..

And I believed I could only get so far, even though I would tell myself, "I'll get there someday!" I think I was just saying it, hoping I would believe it. This business has a way of testing your faith, some people crash and some people fight like hell because WE know that we can make this work, we just have to work harder on ourselves than anyone else. Because deep down we DO believe we get through it and we want it THAT bad.

You know how I got past this one? I started DOING something about it. I took personal development and applied it to my business and my life. I took action because it felt like brick by brick I was tearing down "I CANT" and building a bridge to "I CAN"

For too long, I built walls instead of bridges.

And "WHY NOT ME?" would echo through my head.

So this isn't my usual topic, but you can expect more of it. Why? Because I'm a YOUNG business owner who is excited for whats to come. Even the struggle, because so far its gotten me here and I really like HERE. And you can count on my honesty, I think people try to tell you what you want to hear, but I'm going to give you my experience and hopefully some knowledge.

I have an amazing team, they work hard and have great dreams, I know they're going to make them happen because I believe it. I work hard for my future, I work hard for theirs. I work for the people I'm helping now, and I work hard for the ones I will help. To be a better person and reach my potential so others will KNOW this FEELING. I can't hold back an opportunity and chance to help someone improve their life.

A BIG thank you to my team for supporting me, teaching me, growing with me, RISING with me. Because together WE are BETTER... because TOGETHER WE RISE.

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