Monday, August 25, 2014

August Drug Store Beauty Haul - Review on NYX products!

EEEEEK! Ok, so my new found obsession with Ulta (like Sephora but carries 'drug store' brand makeup lines like Maybelline and Cover Girl) has just sky rocketed.

I LOVE NYX -- its an awesome 'drug store' makeup line that border lines being professional in my book! I love makeup, but I don't always feel like spending a fortune on something I will wash off at the end of the day.

So when I went to Ulta this last time I was fully prepared to get in and get out... well you ladies know how that goes right?

I purposely went in to grab my It Cosmetics! brow pencil BUT, after I saw that they carried NYX and they were STALKED to the brim with makeup, well, like any self respecting frugal fashionista I headed on over to see what I could score.

And I did just that, I SCORED.

For a long time I've been searching for NUDE and WHITE eyeliner. I LOVE the nude eyeliner on the bottom water line to create a very FRESH looking face.

The white I LOVE to outline a dark cat eye liner. White on top of black just looks classy to me, and it keeps things simple and your natural features front and center.

So the total haul were the following AMAZING products:

  • NYX Retractable white eyeliner - AMAZING. Goes on smooth and is a crisp white!

  •  NYX Shine Killer - AMAZING - I have normal to oily skin (much more oily in hot weather) and I'm always trying to kill the shine. I don't like the 'dewey' look on me when my dew is a little too natural, know what I mean?!

  • NYX Pore Filler - AMAZING.Literally filled my pores/minimized the look and create a very beautiful matte look! 

  • NYX Brow Marker - GOOD, but I would make sure that your face is completely dry, especially if you apply a moisturizer because wet won't go on top of wet very well. I def love the precision of this marker and the color (I bought DEEP brown) 

  • NYX Brow Pencil and Pushup Bra - if your eyebrows need a push up bra then this is it! If you want to highlight your brow bones and make your eyebrows stand out, you need this pencil. Hands down, amazing. 

  • NYC Wonder Pencil - WonderFUL is right! I LOVE this pencil, I got it in Light and I absolutely love it for the bottom waterline of your lid. Great for highlighting! 

Honestly, I LOVE them all. They're all great products at a great price. So if you're into saving money, but also looking like one sophisticated gal, then these are all great finds! Check them out and let me know what you think! <3

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