Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Women's 21 Day Fix Results - 21 Day Fix Review

Welllllllllp, the time has come! I finally get to reveal my 21 Day Fix results on my blog to share with you ALL!!!

So are you ready?

Im sure you're wondering if I lost weight...

but truth of the matter is...

I actually GAINED two pounds...

am I freaking out over that?

YES I AM!! That's 2 pounds of solid muscle and definition I didn't have before... check it out:

At first glance it's so easy to think, "I look the same" but truth is, I wasn't going for a weight loss story, I was going for a habit changing story. I've been honest that I'm not all that great at meal planning, prep and my portion control needed some work. 

I started out at 118 and finished at 120. Am I freaking out over 2 lbs??? HECK YES, that'stwo pounds of muscle I've been working hard for! I can see how a lot of girls freak out when the scale starts to tip in what they think is the "wrong direction" but truth be told, feeling strong is way better than feeling "THIN" so while I didn't lose weight (thank goodness) I did gain two pounds of muscle and the discipline to start prepping my food and sticking to my REAL portion sizes  

I noticed a difference in my hips, arms and of course abs, I love how eating healthy and clean makes those muscles POP What I loved about the fix: it's realistic. There's no facade you're going to lose weight by eating whatever you want and however much you want... Even I get my delusional moments where I think, "I can just burn all this off" but it's like trying to cram 5 workouts in one day and expecting a 6 pack. GOODLUCK if you need a good ole fashion wake up call, then I totally suggest this program! 

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If you want to know more on how to be apart of my 21 Day Fix support group on Facebook, need help with meal plan and prep, would like a sample meal plan and get started on the 21 Day Fix yourself, contact me NOW! It's 3 weeks, anyone can do 3 weeks right?!

Look forward to your results! As always XOXO

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