Saturday, January 11, 2014

My First Ever Before Photos that No One Has Seen! Part 2

Maybe you're wondering why I dragged this out.. or why I wanted more LIKES for my page, From Flab to Fab...

let me explain...

Back in December of 2010 I had this feeling like I was meant for a totally different path then the one I was currently on... I was waitressing, in school for a degree I wasn't sure I would ever use, I was 20lbs overweight, 3,000 miles from home, 20k in debt, what I like to call situationally depressed and pissed the EFF OFF--- but I was hell bent on changing ALL of that! In no way am I trying to create a sob story or looking for pity, I'm just giving you the basics...

See, we ALL make choices, everyday.. that either get us closer to where we want to see ourselves or farther away... and up until then, I had made a string of decisions that slowly pulled me away from what I wanted. But there was one problem...

I didn't know what I REALLY wanted BUT I was damn clear on what I didn't want! I had no vision... but I had hope, and hope kept me going. However, knowing what I didn't want made me FOCUS on all the wrong things, which is how I gained the 20 something pounds, ended up switching schools SIX TIMES, working jobs that didn't fulfill me... you get the idea. What I'm hinting/not so hinting at is the LAW OF ATTRACTION... Most of the time in this grand scheme of life, we focus on the things we don't want to happen or come about... and we end up getting just THAT, the things we don't want. What you RESIST PERSISTS. So change the focus.. and you change your life.

So as I show you this picture, I want you to FOCUS on one thing as you relate my picture to your life... focus on the AFTER photo... focus on what you CAN DO... not how far you have to go, or how long it may take, or how much work it could be. Focus on the feeling of knowing you're doing something about it, focus on your commitment and promises to yourself, focus on how good it feels to have a vision, a goal body, good health (even if you don't quite have it yet), and give yourself VISION AND HOPE.

So if you could do me a favor, and drum your hands on a table (just kidding).... DRUMROLL PLEASE.....

That was the OLD me.. this is the NEW me> a more improved version. I believe in myself, I'm my biggest fan (and not my worst critic), I know I'm capable of doing anything I put my heart, soul and mind to.. and guess what? You are too, let yourself be FREE from judgement and regret. Two emotions that won't serve you!

So how did I do it? 

Yeahhh buddy! I get this question a LOT!!! Urryday practically. Which is AWESOME. Don't stop asking, because I won't stop sharing what works and what can change your life! 

  • I stopped eating shit. Plain and simple. You want results? You know what foods aren't good for you.  I don't have to preach that soda is full of sugar and eating out 4x a week is bad. You know it, I know it, so stop it. Learn about eating clean right here!
  • I drank Shakeology religiously... #1 hands down the constant thing in my journey. If you want a common denominator amongst my results in the last 3 years, this is it. It's a non negotiable part of my diet, day and life. It gives me a shiz ton of natural energy, makes my hair pretty damn nice, it tastes like heaven, and it gives my body what it needs to melt fat off and keep it off. But don't be fooled, it's not just a weight loss aid.. its a HEALTHY MEAL REPLACEMENT. As in you replace a meal... *duh* << which means you don't need to go HAM (hard as a mother F#$&@@) at the grocery store cuz it has all your nutritional needs in it! 
  • I worked out--HARD. I started with P90X, BBL, Insanity, and ChaLEAN Extreme<< I used those programs a lot in the first 2 1/2 years as a coach (a lil too much) and while they were great, I wish back then I would  have tried MORE programs from Beachbody and not been so cheap. Cheap mind set, cheap results peeps! So once Body Beast and T25 came out, I jumped on board, and the results ACCELERATED!!! Our programs are freaking awesome, it takes the guesswork out of weight loss, getting defined, and what to eat (comes with meal plans!). Tired of running circles? Whathca waiting for good looking? A program won't slap ya in the face and smack you on the ass! You gotta get it, press play everyday it tells you to, and stick to it! Don't wait for it, GO FOR IT!!! 
  • I had one CHEAT MEAL a week! And it was fantastic. It's usually Sushi deli, In n Out, thai food, or pizza. When I have my cheat meal or fun meal as some of you call it (treat meal? reward meal? nom nom meal??) I didn't feel bad at all. I practically ate like Beast from Beauty and the Beast. It was the balance that kept me sane. Come on. We all crave bad stuff here and there... *luckily Shakeology curbs cravings!!! (I said curb, not eliminate, but when you work as hard as I do, you don't want to sabotage results with bad eating all the time)
  • I had SUPPORT!!! I had an ENTIRE team of coaches cheering me on, I had a Facebook following liking my pictures and asking how I did it. I had people who counted on me, and I didn't want to let myself down or them. It gave me laser focus! Need accountability like that? I gotchu. If you don't have a coach (and you think we would make a good match or you want to know more - we can be swole mates ladies ;-)) or want one/need one click that link and lets get started! 
  • I kept going and I believed in myself! Even when I fell off for a week or more, I would get back on it. Sure I felt guilty and wanted to beat myself up, but what the heck did that do for me? Nothing besides some self loathing... don't waste your time. Just get back on it, and stop quitting. You won't gain momentum if you  keep giving up... Start and keep going. Life happens, events happen, birthdays, graduations, vacations, deaths, travel, work, kids, marriage, etc. <<< just because this happens doesn't mean that your goals in health and fitness take a stand still. One hour of working out is 4% of your day... and half the workouts I did were LESS than an hour. So suck it up. Make some time. We have top coaches with 4 kids, two jobs and married who have time to work a business and work out. Anything is possible if you believe it to be. 

Did you see rocket science in there? Calculus? Calorie counting even? did you see extreme cases of dieting and fasting? Diet pills? Slim fast? Nutrisystem? Weight Watchers? Expensive gym memberships? Personal trainer? 


None of that.

It's easy to do, and it's easy not to do. If  you want change, it's in the small things you do each day... (your success lies in your daily habits) that either get you CLOSER to your GOALS or farther away...

So the reason I waited to show you this picture: DELAYED gratification... it's a sign of maturity and it shows you what you really want. If we fall for the 'instant gratification trap' there's no gratification at all in there. When you get what you want ALL the time, what are you grateful for? What does hard work mean to you? I had 3 years of delayed gratification in my fitness journey, and you bet your sweet ass I have embraced, cherished, and been grateful for each day that I went to work on myself. I love me more because I took the RIGHT way when it came to my health and fitness.. NO DIET PILL OR QUICK FIX CAN GIVE ME THAT. 

I URGE you to change, not out of pain... not out of regret of the past, but out of hope and pleasure for your FUTURE... it's as bright as you can imagine it to be... Now go shine! 


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