Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY Make Up Brush Cleaner

Hey dirty girl. I saw those brushes. I saw your face breaking out. They feel a little heavier. Looks like your makeup is going on in layers of cake.

EEEEKKKKK. HOLD THE PHONE!!! That was my inner monologue to myself this morning… I realized how disgusting my brushes got and I had to stop it. Right. then. and. there.

If you don't have a brush cleaner formula (I had Bare Minerals before, and I've also used regular shampoo) then this is a great alternative, and personally using other methods weren't as effective as this.

This is a super duper easy DIY brush cleaner… I saw a fellow blogger post something similar (a while back and I would give them credit but I cannot remember who it was) and I used what I had to make this…

You Will Need:

  • Gentle Dish Soap -- I just used Ajax under the sink
  • White Distilled Vinegar
  • Water 
  • Dirty Brushes<< essential ;-)
  • papertowels

1. Mix one part vinegar, one part HOT water, and one part soap in a small bowl
2. Place each brush in the bowl and swirl around, use your fingers to massage the bristles 
3. Run under hot water, and rinse the brushes thoroughly until the water runs clear, you may have to empty the bowl if gets too dirty, then put the concotion back in. 
4. Dry on a paper towel lying flat and reshape them with your hands carefully

*I have done this method TWICE and it's shown great results, the bristles don't fall out, the hot water and vinegar strip bacteria, the soap cleans the brush and your face is happier. 

Personally, this formula and method works better than anything I've tried. When I used shampoo it took forever to get the makeup out! This is very quick and efficient! 

Happy Cleaning loves, let that face glow! 

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