Monday, December 9, 2013

Post-Workout Hair -- Go from Sweaty to Sexy in 5 minutes!

AHHH yessssss the matted hair look. I know it well. My friends have a joke about my hair styles--they range from homeless to prom queen… and its sad to say (and honest) that I rock the homeless look more than any other… and by homeless I mean little to no effort. I know its bad and something I have to work on!

Anyway--I love me some hot yoga, esp during the cold winter months that just hit San Diego (argh, I'm FREEEZING!!!! IDK how you Northerners and Easterners do this stuff….) but I always get a sweaty scalp and my roots are soaked!

So what do I do?

I grabbed Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo!!!! and a blow dryer ;-)

So here's what ya do.

1. Let down all that GAWWWGEOUSSS hair (insert southern accent)--- brush that shiz out!
2. Separating your hair into THREE sections, lower half, middle, and top--secure the middle and top on your head.
3. With the bottom section, hold the dry shampoo about 8inches from your hair, misting the roots!
4. Brush through your hair so that the dry shampoo can start to dry up all the oils from your locks.
5. Turn that blow dryer on high and hot heat, then start to blow dry the roots and run your brush through your hair (avoid using your fingers too much that carry natural oils)
6. Repeat each section
7. Flip your head upside down, then blow dry all over-check to make sure there's no damp hair anywhere!
8. Style as needed!

And that's it. Nothing crazy. No rewashing hair. No time wasting. And you went from sweaty beat girl to sexy hot hair temptress.

You are OH SO welcome!

OH and if you do follow me and want to know how my fitness is going---fan-freakin-tastic! I'm ordering P90X3 TOMORROW (when its released) on 2 day shipping cuz I want to start like YESTERDAY!!

Here's my accountability--getting there! I've noticed I possess very strong upper abs…. and since working my core more-- pushups are WAY easier (strong chest muscles under the girls), but I need to work on those lower abs!  But I'm focused and ready!

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  1. I don't was my hair after every workout. I do it every other day. My hair is very dry and it would kill them if I washed them every time my head gets sweaty... so I'm happy to see someone who doesnt wash it after every workout religiously and doesnt think it's disgusting if you dont :D