Wednesday, September 4, 2013

20 Must HAVE pieces in YOUR CLOSET!

I love fashion. No doubts about that, but not everything looks good on me. I'm short (5'2") so I have to be cautious what I can pull off. Wide leg pants don't look good on me unless they are dark wash, hemmed just right and fit looser on the hips. If you're tall, I'm sure you struggle with finding the right length as well. And if you're curvy like me, well that just makes things a tad harder now doesn't it?

BUT that's ok. Because there are some universal pieces we ALL need in our closet. So let's get started.

1. Peplum top- Peplums are great for just about ANY shape! It cinches in the waist line and then flares back out to show off curves you may or may not have, but it creates that curvy womanly figure we all love.

2. The PERFECT White T- A MUST. Wear with cute cut off shorts, or stylish jeans. Dress it up with a statement necklace, or dress it down with light wash destroyed jeans.

3. Statement Necklace- I love my fakie J Crew Bubble Necklace. Etsy has a lot of great statement necklaces for cheap!

4. Fitted Crop Blazer- A great way to bring the waist back to attention and cinch it in to create a feminine figure. Great for work, nights on the town, and layering!

5. Boyfriend Blazer- This is not fitted in the waist like the other blazer, BUT the arms length should not go too long. I love blazers with a funky print inside, look for leopard or paisley!

6. Colored Jeans-A pop of color is key! OR color block with these cute pants and have fun with it! Rock it in summer with a darker top to bring back the color of summer.

7. Faux (or real) leather jacket-I love my faux leather bomber jacket. An absolute staple in the closet, plus it gives the edgy bad ass vibe, and looks amazing with combat or knee high boots!

8. Black Skinny Jeans- GREAT for any occasion. Dress up or down, wear with bold tops or a cute t shirt!

9. Pea Coat- The CUTEST pea coats are out there, some with bows on the back, and some with a little tule to flare it out and up. Depending on where you live, you could find a lighter jacket or go for heavier! Looks great with just about anything and can go anywhere!

10. High waisted belt- A belt that fits your waist line is key into creating the hour glass shape. And having a skinny belt to go around dresses or tops can give it that pop it needs!
11. Skinny belt- I love skinny belts that fit the hips just right and don't squeeze your hips (that can create muffin tops). A great accessory to have!

12. Leopard scarf- Wana look fierce and stylish? Then you will go get one right now. Check out H and M or online!

13. Plaid Button up Shirt- one of my FAVORITE closet staples. I LOVE the chiffon version of the plaid shirt so I can wear a sexy black dress under with tights and boots. The perfect fall outfit.

14. Black Pumps-Yep you need them. Great for any event and versatile. Get them in nude too! I love my Steven Madden BOLDDD pumps--$80

15. Knee High Boots- Keep warm during winter months but look smashing doing it! If you have bigger calves like me, check out Colin Stuart boots! They run about $100+ but they are well made and WELL WORTH IT! Also keep an eye on Victoria Secret sales for boots, plenty of promo codes.

16. Cross Body Bag- Tired of hurting shoulders because you have so much crap to haul around? I don't carry too much because I like being a minimalist, but a cross body bag hit the fashion world again after a long time of being gone, and it's not going anywhere! I love my Steven Madden fringe boho bags, and anything with studs!

17. Tweed Jacket-SO cute, so girly, and SO sophisticated! Wana look like Jackie O? Then you have to play the part. Great for the winter months. Dress it down or up, throw on a statement necklace and look like the lady you are!

18. Off the Shoulder quarter length sleeve shirt- A favorite of mine. Off the shoulder shirts accentuate the clavicals and make your shoulders look elegant. Wear with a strapless though, no one wants to see your bra straps! Do it right.

19. LBD- Little black dress. I have one, you need one. Wear it out to lunch, on a date, to a wedding, you name it.

20. Pair of cut off jean shorts- summer days essential. Great for the pool, a hot day, the beach, and being lazy. Find the right cut, fit and pockets that accentuate your back side. Ask around for designers who make fits for your body type. Don't get discouraged, it's out there!

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