Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Love handles. Muffin top. Spare Tire. Circle pool floatie thing. No MATTER what you call it, it's the LAST thing any person wants, guy or girl.

& this post is NOT just targeted to the ladies, I've seen plenty of guys sporting the 6 pack beer gut and BF Goodrich spare tired low on the hips.

I know that a LOT of us would love to just target a certain body part when working out, and you may have been told you can't just spot weight loss in one area. While that's VERY true, there are plenty of moves you can incorporate into your workouts to blast the fat.

*spot weight loss is when and if you have done just abdominal workouts, or just leg workouts and thats it. You need to round out your workouts through out the week to incorporate ALL body parts and then do extra where it needs it most (aka love handles).

FIRST, you must understand that if you workout but eat crappy, you won't get results. You cannot OUT EXERCISE a BAD diet. See tabs above for healthy meal ideas, grocery lists, Shakeology, etc. 

SECOND, you need cardio AND weight training to blast away love handles. So prepare to sweat. Check out my T25 results below! 

THIRD. realize that working out is a LIFESTYLE, a journey, and a way of life, not just a quick fix, destination or temporary habit. Someday fitness will be your addiction, until then, keep going. 

PLANK HIP DIPS- In plank position, make sure your elbows are directly below your shoulders and that the balls of your feet are holding you up. Tuck hips under, do not let your booty go into the air. Then dip each hip to each side touching the ground by squeezing and contracting your abs, left then right. Repeat 20x/for 2 rounds.

DUMBBELL SIDE BEND- With feet hips width distance apart and 15+lb weight in each hand, slowly lean to the right side. Bend at the hips and let the weight in the right hand dip down to your knee (fi you can reach) then pull yourself back into standing position with your abs, squeeze as you lift back up. Repeat on the other side.

ALTERNATING PLANK RUNS-In plank position but on your hands (vs. elbows/forearms) have your back straight (no dipping or hiking up the butt) start to jog in place, but instead of knees coming towards the chest, have opposite knee reach opposite elbow. So reach the right knee to the left elbow by twisting and squeezing your core. Do for 1 minute.

BOW MEDICINE BALL DIPS- In bow pose (sit on your butt, keep your knees bent with shins and calves parallel to the floor but raised off the ground and back straight, see pic below) hold a 8-10lb medicine ball then alternate dipping it to each side. FOCUS on squeezing the abs and holding it on ea side for 2 seconds.

MEDICINE BALL WOOD CHOPS- you can either use weights or a ball for this exercise, I prefer weights. With feet wide (farther than hip distance) have a 5-8lb weight in the right hand, and then reach towards the left foot, then bring back up over head and lift the left foot. See pic below!

Well there ya have it! FIVE of my FAVORITE love handle moves! And seriously, do NOT forget your cardio!

These are my day 40 T25 results so far, proof that blasting love handles is possible!

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