Saturday, August 3, 2013


Wana look like a million bucks but not pay the price tag for it?

Are you a frugal fashionista and make up lover like me?

Do you like to find the more affordable brand thats comparable to the top line/top shelf makeup buys?

Ok cool, ME TOO.

I work WAY too hard to pay $$$ a ton of money to make this face and bod look good to blow it all in one store. *However, some top shelf products are WORTH the dollar sign because they are that good and well made.

Ok... I'll admit it. I can be cheap. But I see it like this.... I like money where I can see it, AKA my bank account, my closet, or in savings. One of the three.

My top FIVE Beauty BUYS:

 OMG. Beauty FIND FAVORITE. That's why this find is at #1!!! Ladies, if you have not grabbed at least one of these, you are missing the deng boat!! This lip stain WILL STAY on and looks amazing. I suggest that if they have them in stock (they seem to always sell out FAST), buy each color. Seriously. Buy them all. They're $5. They last, and you won't regret it! It stains but doesn't dry out your lips. However, I suggest throwing on some BURTS BEES or chap stick on top to give that glossy shine!

I have a thing for decent priced lip color. Honestly, between lip color and having GREAT eyebrows, I feel lip color is key in order to make your facial features POP and stand out. If you don't wear lip color, you are seriously neglecting your inner beauty! A little lip color can do WONDERS for your face. And baby lips is so natural looking that you won't feel like a total fraud! Baby lips goes on smooth, and really hydrates your lips! So pucker up ladies! $4-5

3. Sephora Water Proof Brow Gel
OMG. I don't know how I survived without this! I have good eye brows, they are full and get a little too bushy sometimes (they grow fast!) but I can tame them with this water proof gel. I do color in my eye brows to shape them and help define my face more. I highly suggest you do as well. Nothing can MAKE OR BREAK your face like eyebrows that are a wreck or look great. I love this water proof gel, you can get it off with facial cleanser (most of it) or scrub it off (just be gentle to not scrub off your hair)! It doesn't come off in the pool at all, and keeps your brows in place! Long gone are the days when I would use a little hairspray to hold them. $12

4.  Garnie Fructis Anti Puff Eye Roller
OH YESSSS! For anyone that struggles with either natural bags (like myself) under your eyes, or you don't get enough sleep or you're always on the GO, this is a MUST MUST MUST. While its about $13, it lasts for a LONG TIME. My last one was good for a YEAR, a small investment for such a big pay off! I use it daily to help with the puffy under eye bags that I got from my dad and from working a lot (staring at computer screens). Just place it upside down so the gel goes to the rolling ball, then swipe it under your eyes and let dry. It will make a HUGE difference! Use it before you put on face lotion or any makeup!

5. NYC Liquid Eyeliner
Oh, where would I be without this amazing liquid eye liner? If you have somewhat shakey hands like me, this is a GREAT eyeliner... and it goes on BLACK. I LOVE the brush for this liquid eye liner because it creates amazing lines and is easy to use. I use to SUCK at putting on liquid eye liner, but after time, I'm a PRO and I can't go without it most of the time. Plus this score is about $3! Can you tell I LOVE NYC products?! *they sell out quick so stock up!

Post below your FAVORITE drug store beauty finds! Share the love <3 and don't forget to find me on Facebook! I love making new friends and sharing girly stuff! 

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