Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why the SCALE may go UP during your new workout routine!

So you started working out again and eating right... only to see the scale start tipping in the VERY DIRECTION you want to avoid.

You step off.

You step back on.

You see the same thing.

Disbelief.  How could this happen?! You've been eating right and busting your butt everyday right?

Here are a few things that may just contribute to the scale tipping out of your favor (temporarily) in the beginning of your new workout program or routine...

  • Muscle Soreness: Ya know when you start working out and the next day you can feel your tight muscles and it's hard to lift your arms? Yep that was the lactic acid being released during your workout... and your body is starting to change FOR THE BETTER. However, during this time, your muscles tend to swell and retain water. Your body does this naturally to protect your muscles which have been temporarily stressed and somewhat torn (which is fine) during your workout. 
  • Initial SHOCK to your body--each time you start a different phase of a workout program or just a new program, your body is in shock. Muscle memory=plateau. Muscle memory is when your muscles have become SO accustomed to your movements that your body stops changing. Muscle confusion=RESULTS. When you switch up phases of a workout, alt. cardio and weight lifting and different movements, your body is able to change faster! 
  • Your Diet- alright ladies and gents. If you're going to lie to me when I ask you about your diet to make yourself not look as bad, FINE, but do me a favor, don't lie to yourself! Now is the time to hold the mirror to the problem and see the reflection looking back, because 9 times out of 10, there in lies your biggest problem.. it's the thing you put in your mouth and chew... AKA FOOD which can be your BEST form of fuel for your body or your biggest poison to keep you overweight, depressed and sluggish. So if you're diet still consists of processed foods and you're only eating twice or 3x a day... well thats where  it has to change. If you need help with nutrition I recommend you look into Shakeology or message ME RIGHT NOW ( and I can help you pin point the things that need to change and get you going.
  • BLOOD-yep your blood volume could be why... during aerobic exercises your blood plasma actually consists of water (hello weight gain) but this will benefit you later--because more blood volume means more stamina for longer and harder workouts which in turn burns more fat. 
STICK with your program... it takes about 4 weeks for you personally to see a difference and about 8 for other people. 

Go back to WHY you are doing this in the FIRST place and ask yourself: If I quit now, when will I Start again? and remember that if you do quit now, eventually you will have to go through this again, so you might as well endure muscle soreness, and slight weight gain, stick it out, then watch the weight fall off. 

Best of luck!
Abby Marie 

PS check out these photos... muscle is much more slimming and flattering then fat, even in these pictures!


  1. It's natural for people who are on their journey to slimming down and keeping fit to want to see immediate results. This is the case, especially when they've been working out furiously to lose the inches. Thanks to this post, people will be informed and enlightened about the other possibilities that might come up when they begin with their fitness journey. Thank you for always posting informative articles!
    Trevor Linden Fitness

  2. Thank you Trevor! That means a lot and so cool you found my page! Just checked yours out too =)