Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why I don't weigh myself...

Like most women... I hate the scale. I feel like it puts a label on where we "should" or shouldn't be based on our height and genetics. Have you ever stepped on the scale and cringed? Yep. You have. Have you ever stepped on and went, "YES! I LOST 5lbs!!!" Yep,  you have. So have I. and I've also seen that 5lbs gained back in one week (talk about bloat, water weight, bad eating, stress, PMS, etc). Crap, even in a day once.

As women sometimes we rely so heavily on a number to define our fitness journey. We use the scale as a measurement of how far we have come or far we still have to go. And if you are on a journey to lose 100lbs... well it can be daunting right? What about if you only have 15 to lose? Yep, still rough.. because those last 15 or 10 or even 5 pounds can be the MOST stubborn pounds to lose (look up set weight--its kind of like this. Your body is use to a set "weight" and once it reaches it, its even harder to lose the remaining desired weight).

I've stepped on the scale and cried then beat myself up for hours, then wrote out meal plans to lose the weight, I over analyzed EVERY curve in the mirror and decided I needed to workout at least two hours a day.

I've also not given a shit and eaten whatever I wanted and then hated myself then too. So where's the fine line between it all? Is there a balance?

You have to find your balance... Does weighing yourself everyday hurt and hinder your focus? For me it did... I would obsess over the scale. I stopped weighing myself for months and went off how I FELT and how I looked in clothing and bikinis. I will only weigh myself when I need to record results for a workout program (new training, like a 90 day program such as body beast or p90x) or if I'm doing a cleanse. Otherwise, me and the scale aren't best buds.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. What do I feel when I step on the scale? Good or bad feelings?
2. What happens AFTER I step on the scale? Do I beat myself up? or can I handle it in a healthy way?
3. When is the best time for me to measure my weight? (usually mornings after you pee, and not on cheat days!)
4. How often should I weigh myself?
5. How can I learn to be okay with a weight that suits me best?

For me, most of you couldn't guess my weight... you would prob guess lower than what it is.. because I do have muscle, I look lean and toned in most areas (still working on it) so I look like I weigh less. I honestly don't care too much about the number. As long as I FEEL and look good according to my standards that are healthy and achievable, Im totally fine with it!

I'm not trying to be skinny, I'm trying to FIT, curvy, healthy and toned! Whatever your goal is, don't let things get in the way of your mission! Know what works for you, and what doesn't. Don't be afraid to let yourself LOVE yourself at every stage!


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