Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wendi's 87lb Weight Loss Journey! Mom of 3 goes from depressed to healthy and happy!

 This is Wendi Brungraber...(I like to call her burger) and she has an amazing journey...

It's not about the 87lb weight loss... its about the story that unraveled behind it all....

So I watched my coach's video (Wendi) about how she went from being on anxiety medication from the age of 16, having 3 kids, and gained weight--to about taking control of her life, getting off the medication that got her addicted, became a better mother, an amazing wife, and is raising a healthy and happy family... we all start somewhere... sometimes that start isn't ideal... but sometimes rock bottom is the PERFECT place to create a foundation.. when you can surrender your mistakes and let go of the past to create a better future for not only yourself, but your family... that is TRUE transformation... Wendi Brungraber, darling, you are a HUGE inspiration to me..... thank you for sharing this with me!!! If you have just a few minutes, see how this mom of 3 went from anxious, depressed, addicted to medication to healthy, happy and in the best shape of her life... this is what we do as coaches, catalyst for change <3 Will you be a catalyst for change in someone's life? how will YOU pay it forward?!

to know MORE about Wendi's story please contact her here! Often times we think that we need a 90 day journey to show case our "results" but the truth is... transformation, TRUE transformation, never ends, its an on going process which entails bettering ourselves day to day. Wendi is proof of this, it wasn't just 90 days that changed her life, but years of of taking back what she deserved and giving it to her family. If you need accountability, there's no better time then NOW to get started!

So I asked Wendi, when was ENOUGH---enough to change?! She said, "Well the fact that I wasn't the mother and girlfriend that I wanted to be. I wanted to be Active with my kids, and be a soccer mom, and teach them that this life was not the right one. I didnt want them growing up thinking it was ok to just give up, and waste away because you're depressed or anxious. I wanted them to know that its possible to change, and I wanted to be aware of what was going on around me, not just a lump on a log, or a drunken mother who sat around smoking 5 packs of cigarettes every day. I needed to change, in order for them to see that. Fighting my anxiety has been the hardest thing in my life to deal with. I've learned that I can't let the voice of anxiety get the better of me, and tell myself that I WILL be, and am WORTHY of living a happy life, without being on medication. I've had it for so long, I just tell myself "look how many "attacks" you've had, I ended up in the hospital because it, BUT I'm still here. That's because its an uneccessary fear of things that are not there."

for a mom of THREE, she looks better than most! Go Wendi, so blessed to have you in my life burger!


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