Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My 24th Birthday!

I wish someone could take my picture at every reaction I had to the surprises my boyfriend did---Im pretty sure it was a scrunched up brow and "what the hell?" every time! hahah yep, a classy lady--thats me!

I'm bad at surprises--if I dont know the plan--I will pick and pick and pick at it and ask a zillion questions... and then I'll try to figure it out. MOST of the time I can figure out what someone bought me, or what we will do, or anything. I'm BAD. and I forewarned my darling boyfriend if he ever wanted to surprise me, don't SAY A WORD. Good thing he listened....

My morning went like this:

"WAKE UP IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY" (boyfriend super excited)
Me: "Its too early" (groggy, tired, what the...)

He leaves for work. 6am and I'm blasting music dancing around my house cleaning. I'm suppose to get ready to see my cousin so we can get our nails done and grab lunch around 11...

So I'm getting ready and my boyfriends brother's girlfriend (LOL fun to figure that out!!) Paola (what a sweet heart btw, and if you read this thank you so much for doing everything yesterday---lunch on me!) texted me and asked me to come over to my Ulises (my man) and his brothers house (she is staying at their place over the summer) to help lift something heavy... which I couldn't figure out what it was....

So I go over there and open up the back door.. walk in and see Ulises standing there... I literally said, "what the hell?! What are you doing off work?!" with a big SMILE on my face! He had the room decorated and breakfast on the table! Crepes--my FAVORITE!!!

Not only that, but turns out we are GOING SKY DIVING!!!! In the very beginning of us dating we made a to do list of fun things we wanted to do-sky dive, go to LA for a weekend, museums, go kart race, etc. but sky diving was something we both wanted to experience--even tho at the time I was scared shitless just thinking about it....

So we got ready and took his motorcycle (HELL YEAHHHHH) to San Diego Sky Dive out in Otay =) I think the motorcycle ride completely calmed me down and prepared me to jump out of a plane 13,000 feet up. Something about being on the back of his bike is like pure heaven. I think we may be adrenaline junkies!

Somehow... someway... we are both super calm. Totally relaxed and we got the plane to ourselves with our tandem instructors which is pretty cool. I was happy about that because I know if other people were on the plane with us and freaking out, it would have freaked me out!

So the instructor asked who wanted to go first, and before he could even finish, I volunteered! "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE" hahahaha pretty much.

RIGHT ATER we jumped!

typical Ulises pose.... this is why I love him!

work that harness!

The whole sky diving experience was amazing. It wasn't scary at one point at all... it wasn't nerve wrecking... it was pure BLISS. I loved every second of it.... I loved knowing I was about to jump out of plane and had nothing but trust in God and the wind and the instructor to hold me up....If I could have ANY super power, it would be to fly... and on my birthday I got exactly that--I got to SOAR....

Free falling and seeing San Diego was magical--downtown, the lake, mountains, Mexico, the beach, it was like an out of body experience.... pulling the parachute was fun too--being able to steer it and doing 360s was so much fun. Im pretty sure I yelled "@#$# YEAHHH!!!!" a million times.

So the boyfriend and I decided we want to get certified and start jumping together! New hobby!

After jumping, we go back to the house, nap and get ready for dinner--just a nice dinner for two.. or so I thought...

We get the restaurant in Old Town (super cute place here in San Diego with a ton of yummy mexican restaurants and shops) and walk to the host stand.

"Two for Ulises, we have a reservation"

Host: "You're table has been sat"

In my mind, I'm like WTF. Someone took our reservation?! oh hell no!
so we walk towards the table, and sitting there is my family and his! HOW PERFECT!!! So not only did I get to spend the day with him, but he included all the people I love in my day as well. I got to see my sister, her boyfriend, my cousin and her boyfriend, mom, his sisters and brother, Paola and his mom and dad <3 AMAZING.

*my cousin Megan who did so much to make this day special--thank you soooo much!!!! 

*deciding on a birthday wish! Who could ask for more with a day like that?!

*beerita--marg with beer--Cabo prep!

Could I have not asked for a better boyfriend?! Seriously... I am BLOWN away still at how much planning he did.... Im so blessed he is in my life and went out of his way to make me feel special.

OH... and Megan had this made for me... <3 It's so FETCH ;-)

All in all, best birthday EVER! 24 was a great day! <3

thank you all for the birthday wishes and comments, I have amazing people in my life!


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