Thursday, May 16, 2013

Your Best Abs Workout!

My boyfriend likes to kick my ass in AB workouts--and by all means, I LOVE it. Bring it on baby. He's got great abs--and he makes me slightly jealous which is why I ask him to help me. 

Couples who workout together, STAY together--and we are two peas in a workout pod. 

So I asked him to give me some good ab workouts and we came up with this, and I added some in that I enjoy that work REALLY well. Here's each move explained:

Flutter Kicks: Lying flat on your back, with your hands under your booty, and shoulder blades off the ground, raise legs 6in off the ground, then keeping them straight raise up and down for 3 counts. 1-2-3- ONE, 1-2-3-TWO, 1-2-3 THREE and so forth until you finish the set! 

Fifer Scissors: From P90X (woooooh!) Lying flat on your back, with hands at your side, raise one leg off the floor at 6 in. and the other straight up in the air, bottom of your shoe facing the ceiling and keep both feet flexed. Hold 5 counts and then switch, do 25 reps.

In-N-Outs: Sitting on your butt, bend your knees and lift your feet off the ground, put your hands down at your side near your butt, just in front and move your abs in and out with your legs.

Stability ball plank: Have your shins/feet on the ball, with your hands parallel to the floor, shoulder width apart, HOLD.

Standing Side Bend: Standing shoulder width apart, bend to one side (to the knee cap) and then lift back to the other side, holding 25lbs in one hand. Work both sides!

Heels to Heaven: Lying flat on the floor, raise heels to the ceiling and keep feet flexed. Lift torso and shoulder blades off the ground while holding a 10lb weight or medicine ball and lift, do not go all the way back down. 

Plank Oblique Rotations: In plank on forearms, dip each hip to the side.

Cross Leg Sit up (from p90x): With Legs in Indian style, lie back down and reach one hand to the ceiling, with one behind your head and reach diagonally to the floor. Do each side. 

In-N-Out Stability Ball Balance: With shins/feet on the ball, get into plank position, roll ball into hands with feet and abs. You will feel this just about everywhere!

Stability Ball V-Roll ups: With feet/shins on stability ball, get into plank rotation. Roll ball towards torso WHILE keeping your legs straight and lifting your booty in the air. Think of inverted "V"

Plank Oblique Crunch: In plank position on your hands, bring knee to elbow while crunching your oblique, do each side.

Superman: Lie down on tummy, then keeping your legs zipped up together, raise legs and arms out front like you are flying. Repeat. 

Good luck!

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