Monday, May 13, 2013

Will Women Bulk if we lift HEAVY!?

I get asked a lot about whether or not women will bulk if they lift anything heavier than 10lbs... I remember those days when I would pick up a 5lb weight and do rep after rep after rep. Basically all that does is build muscle endurance.

Its not that it's NOT A GREAT workout, but only really needed once a week and mixed in with cardio (think Chalean Extreme Burn Intervals or Get LEan intervals).

But if you are looking to get TONED and LEAN then you are going to need to up those bad boys and fluctuate between weights. If it's PAINFUL, it's too heavy, if it's uncomfortable and your starting to shake on the last THREE reps, you are doing it right!

It's not rocket science that free weights (AKA dumbbells) will get you lean, strong and sexy... it's the best way to burn fat all day long (much more efficient then chronic cardio--however cardio is necessary about 3x a week--HIIT intervals baby)!

My favorite Beachbody workouts that include FREE weights:

  • P90X
  • Body Beast
  • ChaLEAN Extreme

So what kind of weight should YOU be lifting?

Everyone is different, when I first started out, I was weak---literally 5lbs made me shake.. and on some of the exercises it still DOES! Each muscle functions differently---and each muscle will need a different weight. One size does NOT fit all here ladies, so you best invest in adjustable weights like Bowflex Select Techs *have em and love em!

10 reasons why women should lift weights

Here are my numbers so you can see how everything varies:

Chest workout: 15reps, 12, then 8 reps known as SUPER SETTING 

Incline Fly (you can use a ball or bench):
15 reps-10 or 12.5lbs 12 reps-15lbs 8 reps--15lbs
Incline Press
15, 17.5, 22.5 with a drop set of 20lbs (Drop set is an extra set of 8 reps at the end)

Shoulders: 15reps, 12, then 8 reps known as SUPER SETTING 

Lateral Raise: 
7.5, 10, 12.5lbs
Arnold Press:
12.5, 15, 20 and 17.5 with a drop set
Upright Row: 
12.5, 15, 17.5
Reverse Fly:
7.5, 10

Legs: 15reps, 12, then 8 reps known as SUPER SETTING 

Front to back lunge: 
10, 12.5 15lb each weight
20, 25, 30 (progressive set repeat with highest weight then decrease)
Straight Leg Deadlift:
15, 17.5, 20
Calf Raise: 


Standing Bicep Curl:
10, 12.5, 15 (but thats a struggle)
Tricep Extension:
17.5, 20, 25
Skull Crushers (works triceps)
10, 12.5, 15
Hammer Curls:
10, 10, 12.5
Tricep Kickbacks:
7.5,10, 12.5 (struggling)


Reverse Grip Row (works the part between shoulder blades)
17.5, 20, 22.5
One Arm Row Force Set (5 sets of 5 reps with 5 sec break in between)
20, 22.5, 25 sometimes 30
Reverse Fly:
10, 12.5

So you will notice that my personal weights vary from muscle to muscle... obviously lower body and back are our biggest muscles and usually the heaviest weights you will use! 

Remember, it's not always about the number on the scale but truly about FORM. If you hurt yourself trying to go TOO big, you put yourself out for the count, and trust me---nothing is worse than a back or shoulder injury--those do NOT go away. So be smart, and if you need someone to spot you, ASK!!!

For me personally, I can go heavier on triceps rather than biceps, some people are the opposite. I also can go pretty heavy on legs and squats depending on the type of set I am doing. 

Shoulders tend to be tough and I'm very careful with what weight I decide to push, as should you be! 

*as you can see I'm NOT the incredible hulk and I lift heavier then 5lbs! and so can you and I promise you won't look like a she-man, or a man, or like you just took a handful of steroids and shot it back with a muscle milk!

If you are ready to start your fitness journey or need some help, friend request me on Facebook! and lets get started! Or use the nifty contact button that pops up! =)

Happy Lifting!

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