Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Which Brazil Butt Lift Schedule Should I Do?

The booty. Bootylicious. DAT ASS. The badonkadonk. Rear end. Caboose. Ok that's enough. But you get the idea right? It's the last thing to leave the room, so lets make an impression that's worthwhile eh?

SOO... which Brazil Butt Lift schedule do you follow? And what kind of results can you expect?!

Assuming you already have BBL (if not, click the link above to get it), you've opened up your package and received a booklet where you:

1. Need to determine your booty shape already-- are you too flat, pear, too round or combination?
2. Pencil test, put that tiny little pencil in the crease of your butt cheek-if your booty can hold it, girl we got WORK to do, if it can't your ass is probably either nice and lifted, or you have no ass. Don't worry we can fix the ladder.

Too Flat/Too Square: Do you suffer from lack of curves? Well no worries, that's where Leandro and his DVDs come in handy. If you have a flat ass or no ass at all, the pencil will probably fall to the ground. The flat fanny lacks shape and volume. This butt needs some POW! If you are this type, your straight shape extends from the waist to the thighs with no curves.
Solution: You will follow the "Lift & Shape" schedule. This schedule will help you shape and tone all of the butt muscles for a "volumizing" result! Follow this plan to get rounder and firmer!

Pear Shape: Curves are a GOOD thing, so embrace that you have it! BUT if you have curves that need some firming, and have a pear shaped booty, you may find yourself a little bottom heavy! Larger hips & stubborn saddlebags that stick out to the side give you a wide-angle silhouette.
Solution:  You will follow the "Slim & Shape" schedule. This is going to deliver the optimal combo of cardio and toning work. Leandro's signature Brazilian dance moves will slim those bulges while the toning moves with shape the muscles underneath so your butt rounds out BEHIND you, not to the sides.

Too Big: Dat ass. It's big. Hey that IS OK, but as long as it's not stopping traffic and causing accidents in a bad way (think pull over dat ass too fat). It's cool, I was a traffic jam booty. While your booty is round & full, it's too heavy and busts  out in the wrong places. Usually flabby and dimply (eek cellulite), it's a little too much of a good thing. Solution: You already have the VA VA VOLUME- you just want to slim down and tame that beast! You need help getting rid of the cellulite so you require cardio and sculpting to burn the fat and shape your booty.  Follow the "Slim & Lift" schedule. You'll shape your booty in all of the right. To reduce cellulite, make sure you are eating a diet rich in natural whole foods and drink your water (60-100 oz).

Combination: Not sure which booty you have? Maybe a combination? A-OK! All you need is to remove part of the fat and get some shapely toned muscles to add oomph to your backside.
Solution: You'll follow the "Classic" Schedule for the ultimate booty-beautifying results. You'll work everything in balance to create a bootylicious butt!

Pencil Test: dun dun dun... it's ok. I didn't pass. White girl with a booty alert! Proud of it! BUT it needed a lot of work (and still does, think maintenance)

Here's my friend Kati's results: 

Let me reassure you right now that Leandro is one of my FAVORITE trainers and he delivers a GREAT workout and even better results! It's no wonder the girls in Brazil are freakin gorgeous with amazing bodies, they're following his program! Did I mention that he also trains Victoria Secret models?! YEP. 

And if you're worried if this is JUST a butt workout, it's NOT. It includes an all over body cardio workout and a weight resistance workout. So we got you covered! From head to toe and all that in between! Here's some clips from the ab workout! and yes, that's me (when I first started it two years ago) 

I want it but NOW WHAT?! A few tips from me to YOU!
  • Join a group, in fact join one of mine and let me help you get through the next 6-8 weeks with one on one accountability! support is KEY! and Ive done it, so I know the changes you will see.
  • Replace one meal a day with Shakeology
  • A meal plan! BBL comes with one but I highly recommend also checking out eatcleandiet.com and learn about nutrition! 
  • Get a girlfriend to join you! Then Friend Request me for MORE tips! 
OR if you want it ALL for cheaper, get the Brazil Butt Lift Challenge pack that comes with your DVDs, a free meal plan club membership, Shakeology (get chocolate, trust me), FREE shipping and ME as your coach! Super easy and SO worth it! 

My results:


  1. Brazilian Buttock Lift allows a more complete, permanent, circumferential transformation of a woman's body, so that the buttock area is not only (or not necessarily) larger, but more shapely and in better proportion to the rest of her.

  2. I always like this exercise, and thanks for your article, which lets me know about so many things about brazilian butt workout

  3. I opted to by pass a lot of the working out and rather just got a Brazilian butt surgery. I have it planned this next week and took the two weeks after off for work. Hopefully this will improve my flat tiny butt, if it doesn't I have heard a second might help. Some people are just born with good butt genetics and others have to buy it.


    1. Actually some do the lifting but it's good to find someone who actually got the result from it ya know.

    2. Actually some do the lifting but it's good to find someone who actually got the result from it ya know.

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