Monday, April 15, 2013

Chalene Johnson Success Seminar--My Experience and Review

Michelle and I! Day 3! She came from Vegas and stayed with me for the weekend! 

Chalene. Johnson. WOW what a GREAT weekend with my teammates and family. One of my BIGGEST takeaways this past weekend was the value of myself, my time, and the people I surround myself with.

Imagine you have a garden that you plan on growing the most beautiful flowers, herbs, and veggies in. Its the nutrition your body needs, so you take care of it the best you can. What happens when you get weeds? You pull them and prevent them from coming up right? So why don't we do the same in our lives. Often times we have things or people in our lives that don't serve us...sometimes it can be a bad habit, or a negative self thought, or a friendship that drags you down. It's time to pull the weeds in your life. Take care of your garden.

Another big take away-STOP TRYING TO DO EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME ALL BY YOURSELF. You weren't mean to be a super hero, you were meant to be a human, beautifully flawed. Not a robot that runs off batteries to work work work. Look for ways to maximize your efforts in less time and let yourself LIVE. *ahem all you control freaks out there, go get some help, free up your time and realize your value! delegate!

What does SUCCESS mean to you? to me it meant: I feel EXCITED everyday, I wake up and jump out of bed because my reality far surpasses my dreams. I work from home, less than 30 hours a week, but in that time I HELP people get in shape and teach fitness classes. I have a successful blog with recipes, fashion, fitness, and health. Not only am I at the top of the company, but so are many of my teammates who are defining what their future is! I travel once a month (weekend get aways) to beautiful places with my loved ones and boyfriend Ulises. I have the FREEDOM to choose what I WANT to do with my weeks and days. I spend time with my friends and family and honor my relationships with my loved ones. I'm constantly growing in my faith, fitness, business, and finances. I continually show people that theres an abundant life, and that mediocrity is just an "easy out".

*The Three AMIGAS! ;-) Lindsay Matway and Kati Heifner! 

*Like SISTERS! <3 

*Finally got to meet Mindy and see my love, Lindsay Stay! 

Thank you to my amazing boyfriend who has also been a big inspiration and push for me and my dreams!

My advice, when she does it again: GO! and go with your team or significant other. Remember, growth is KEY!

Oh, one last thing. I did go to Tony Robbins event and some asked how its different, since most would assume that all seminars are about personal wellness and development. Which Chalene does a GREAT job of delivering that. But She also touches a lot on business and was very specific about certain ways to maximize efforts and time. I felt her seminar had a different approach. I think I got MORE out of Chalene's event because I did see Tony Robbins first and was able to break past some serious mental barriers. Also she mentioned EMDR therapy, which Im going tonight. So Chalene, if you are reading this, you would be proud! ;-)


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