Friday, April 26, 2013

Is Shakeology a Scam?

Is Shakeology a SCAM? I remember when I heard about Shakeology through a military wife because she posted so much about it on facebook. I SWORE up and down that she fell for some "gimmick" and that it was so stupid to think that a SHAKE could help you:
1. lose weight
2. have more energy
3. be good for you

LIKE REALLY? come on people. This so called "healthiest meal of the day" is suppose to do all that while be super natural and full of super foods, antioxidants, veggies, etc. huh. As if we didn't have enough "shakes" on the market promoting and promising "QUICK AND FAST" results!

SO I decided to check it out, being the natural cynic I was back then. LOL I have come a FAR far way! What did I have to lose? If it sucked, I would leave. no harm done.

See the thing was, back then I believed that these "pyramid scheme" businesses (MLMs specifically) were just out to empty our pockets. Plus I had done the whole small business thing--I did Mary Kay and Avon in highschool and after too. I knew I NEVER wanted a boss, but somehow I believed these (awesome) companies were out to get me. What a twisted mind set! ha!

I was FORTY FIVE minutes late to her Shakeology at home party. But at this point in my life I was pretty desperate to lose the 20lbs I packed on from being depressed and upset with my life (quarter life crisis). I listened, I watched a video, I tried it, I was hooked. It was more than a protein shake, it wasn't promising I would lose X amount of pounds by a certain time. It wasn't chemically enhanced to taste better, all the ingredients were listed on the bag (no hidden agenda there) and after doing some research on it, I discovered it was the best thing out there. PS folks, you GET what you PAY for.

There was no gimmick involved. I saw it like this:

1. Im not getting the nutrition I need--but if I drank Shakeology, I would.
2. I was sick AND TIRED of being sick and tired-and Shakeology would help my energy slumps
3. I was looking for something that could satisfy my insane chocolate cravings-Shakeology has a chocolate flavor and curbs cravings.
4. I needed to lose weight--I would lose weight the RIGHT way (not the desperate way--i.e. pills, fad diets, not eating, etc) drinking it because it did have my nutritional needs (and wasn't calorie restricted, many companies say you can only eat so much and you HAVE to drink their magic shake twice a day to lose weight. Not with Shakeology, once a day, and you eat every 2-3hours and workout).
5. I could get a discount by being a coach.-I like to save money. duh.

Here's how it can SAVE you money and TIME (time is money after all):

SO I signed up... and ordered Shakeology 3 weeks after because I wrestled with the idea of spending $90 on a bag of powder. But once I bought it, I never stopped. Here I am, two years later--still on it, down 20lbs, in the BEST shape of my life, working a small business from home--thats anything BUT small, helping other people and making the MOST money I ever have in my life. I also survived a divorce, moved a few times (one cross country!), and re-ivented myself to be a better me.

Does $90 worry me anymore? No. WHY? Because think about it--you spend more than $3 usually on a meal anyway-does it have your nutritional needs for the day? NO.

how many of you take supplements and other shakes? or pills? or powders? or constantly juicing? How much does that cost you each month?

EVEN if you wanted to re-create Shakeology you would pay at least double the cost of what it is. YIKES!

Watch this video to see where Shakeology comes from:

Want to try it? Trust me, you WON'T regret it, if anything, you'll probably fall in love with me and the shake ;-) Just click here! 

PLEASE friend request me so we can talk about your goals and I can help you! I don't want you to just order from me and be a name, I want to know you and hear what it is that you NEED, and that you're ready for a change like I was. Don't do it alone, let me help ya!

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