Monday, March 25, 2013

Tony Robbins Day 1 Reflection on Unleash the Power Within

I use to tell myself, 'Im not good enough' or ' I just don't have what it takes' & 'I don't deserve it' So I would dream small because it was achievable--I would only grow so much because I knew I could reach it if I set my standards lower. I doubted what I could do, what I was capable of because I was afraid. Afraid to fail, afraid to disappoint-- not only the people around me, but mostly myself. That thinking didn't get me far, it kept me prisoner to comfort, and what does comfort get you? The same mundane life, day after day, the same results.

So I allowed myself to doubt what I wanted to do with my life: I went to at least 6 different jr colleges, couldn't find a job I was passionate about, was a waitress for 5 years, stayed in a relationship that no longer served either of us (after trying very hard to make it work), I lied to myself about what happiness meant. I surrounded myself with people who felt the same, who made it look nice on the outside, who had a facade of "my life is great" but who were also frustrated with how their lives were going too.

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing and expecting different results. How many of you are truly going insane because you feel your life isn't what it should be? What have you limited YOURSELF to because of your beliefs and doubts? 

One of the BIGGEST take aways from Tony Robbins event in LA this past weekend was how EASY it is to fall prey to our old self destructive habits we have become accustomed to... how long have you let yourself think you aren't good enough? or that you aren't loved? that you aren't worth it? Soon you doubt your abilities, you start to dream smaller because it's safe, and failure is just too much pressure and too disappointing to allow in your life.

I think it's time we take a different approach, allow yourself to dream, to believe in yourself, to envision the future exactly as you want it to be, to see change as a positive and catalyst for a life that is full of joy, hope, love, faith and peace.

Food for thought <3

YET, what if we welcome each failure and setback with a different mind set, or a different approach? What if you allowed yourself to believe you are good enough? What if you allowed yourself to believe that you are capable of anything you truly want and desire? It all starts with your mind, it can be your biggest FAN or your worst critic, but it takes a shift and a change within yourself FIRST! Here's to that change, change is just what I need!

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