Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Ultimate Reset 21 Day Detox Review

Ready... SET... RESET.

Overall impression: GREAT way to detox the body, and recognize eating patterns and habits. I HAD A TON of energy, it was a little ridiculous and I LOVED IT. I literally would go to bed between 10-12 and wake up at 6/7 with no problems. I had no mid-day drag or 2:30 slump. One day I woke up at 4:30am, totally rested.

**keep in mind as you read these, I did this while moving during week 2 and 3, so my story will def be VERY different then others! 
*stay tuned for pics and video, will be uploaded soon! 

1. What was your opinion on the supplements?
          The supplements weren't bad in my opinion. At first when I took the alkalinize I called it a fish bowl because thats exactly what it reminded me of, but by week 2 I was downing it with zero complaints, and it didn't taste weird at all. Detox at first, woah buddy.... was not expecting that. But then I told myself it was like drinking herbal supplements, and actually, it had a lemony flavor to it. Again, it wasn't as bad as the first time!

2. Was the meal plan hard? 
           Ok so the meal plan is tricky... its something I would advise any future resetters to prepare for. I would order the Reset a few weeks ahead of time, bust out that meal planner and make a few different meals from it just so you know what you are getting into. Some meals do take a little longer to prepare and need to chill in the fridge for an hour or more. I really enjoyed the soups, and I'm not even a fan of soup. but they were AMAZING. Also, I switched things around because I was moving during week 2 and part of week 3, so I repeated a few meals and ate some meals from week 1. I guess I had a more lax approach to the Reset then some other die hards.

3. Do you think switching the meal plan around hindered your results?
         Probably, I mean I set out hoping to lose 10lbs and lost 5, which I was excited about! But moving was a sudden change of plans and it happened to work out really well, and I got a great place for the $$$ so I HAD to move. and I wanted to actually finish the Reset this time around. Either way, whether I look at how much I lost, I feel like I gained much more doing the Reset as far as knowledge on food, meal planning, grocery shopping, etc.

4. What was your biggest struggle with the Reset?
        Ahh, I think most of you could probably guess this one. NOT BEING ABLE TO WORKOUT! That seriously killed me, the first week I didn't mind because having that extra hour to an hour and half a day was SOOO nice, I felt like I got a lot done. HOWEVER, my mood is determined by my workout. If I dont stay and keep active, I get antsy and to be honest a little bitchy, moody and depressed. So while I felt great during week 1, by week 2 I was ready to sweat. and Week 3 I was ready to lift a car above my head and squat that biotch 50x or till I blacked out. hahaha so it was def the hardest part! Did I workout? YES. I have an honesty policy here--I ran 3.5 miles with no problem and I haven't ran in so long. I barely sweated, and I had energy just buzzing through my veins. I also did lighter yoga the first week of the Reset. OH and PS, I was so bloated the first week of the Reset, it was seriously awful... I mean I felt great minus that. I just had a big pooch, not attractive.

5. Would you do the Reset again?
         HAHAHA... ahhh honestly probably NOT unless I had to go through some type of surgery where I was forbidden to workout. I'm an active person, working out is my natural high and addiction and being able to sweat and move is apart of me. I really struggled week 2 and 3 not being able to workout... I'm so grateful for the body I have, that I have legs to run with, arms to lift things, and a healthy metabolism.

I did however learn SO much about my eating habits:

I realize I snacked a LOT while I was working on the computer
I was a late night snacker
I expected dessert after dinner
I was starting to get lax on portion control, I was eating more then I needed to
I made excuses for my bad eating habits like too many cheat meals in one week
& lastly using time as an excuse as to not eating as healthy as I could

So in order to change that....

Now I've set timers on my phone when to eat
I also re-educated myself on portion control by making a video and re-reading the Eat Clean Diet
I vowed to only have dessert once a week and to find healthy recipes
I've cut up fruit and vegetables for healthy snacking, and making sure I make smart choices on fruit--fruits with a lower glycemic index like melons, cantaloupe, berries, etc.

a few things to reassure you:

No, you won't shit your pants all day everyday... you may become more regular tho! ;-)
Switching to a Vegan during week 2 and 3 diet isn't THAT hard with this program because it eases you into it
If you can't get distilled water, filtered water is fine
Do it for YOU, don't do it for anyone else, and if you have a cheat meal, that doesn't mean you have to give up. Just jump back in with the next meal and stick to it!
Have a goal, and a support system--if you need someone to help you through it message me!

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