Friday, March 22, 2013

Easy Vegan Recipe--Pinto Bean Quinoa Medley

YUM in my TUM!

What you need:

1. bunch of asparagus
2. 1 1/2 cups dry quinoa
3. 2 cans pinto beans

For Beans:
3 tbsp Braggs Liquid Amino Acids-- Great substitute for soy sauce (soy is BAD news, hello cancer)
2 tsp of Coriander
1 tsp  of Cumin
OVOO (extra virgin olive oil for all you confused peeps)
3 tsp of Chili Powder

Wash asparagus and turn oven to 400 degrees! Depending on size of asparagus, cooking times vary. In my case, it was about 20 minutes (they were larger). Drizzle olive oil, himalayan salt and balsamic vinegar on top and pop in the oven! When done, cut into small pieces.

Quinoa-- boil 3 cups of water (or follow directions on bag) with quinoa, once it reaches boil, bring to a lower simmer and cover. *option add garlic powder for flavor
Keep an eye on quinoa, cook for about 15 minutes!

Pinto Beans
Drain beans and bring to a simmer and let warm up for a few minutes
Prepare bean spice/oil mix in a separate bowl, once beans are done add spices and simmer on low for a minute or two!

combine beans, quinoa, and asparagus and enjoy!

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