Friday, March 8, 2013

Reset Review Day 12 -- A tell ALL!

Good grief, where do I even start? You thought I quit huh? Nope, think again!

So I'm moving. Just like last time. Well, I'm done moving now.. but I don't have furniture so I'm sitting Indian style in my living room typing this out.

It's in these tiny, quiet moments that I realize how BLESSED I am... today was def an overwhelming day. I feel like I have money coming out of every pocket I'm wearing to move, furnish a home, and paying for bills. So this is what it's like to be a grown up on your own COMPLETELY? 

It's gratifying, but so damn intimidating. I don't know if there's anything that can prepare you for this. So why am I blessed? Because I have a job I LOVE that allows me to move into my own home and work from home, and even when I take a few days off, I can still support myself. And I have a pretty cool view! as you can see!

So besides all that, the RESET. DUN DUN DUN. Wondering how I'm doing while I'm moving?

Ok here's the truth, I said I would be upfront with you all, so here goes nothing. Please set any judgements aside, an opinions you have, well you can keep those to yourself if they are negative. This is  a positive sunny environment!

So I decided to prep a lot of food at my moms house before I moved, thank GOODNESS. EXCEPT.. I didn't have a microwave. but that's ok! you make do, until you buy. I wasn't 100% on the meals, it became a little difficult so I did switch some meals around based on how easy it was. IT also says to not workout, well if you've moved, you know it's freakin exhausting. So I kinda effed up on that part too. Woops, not the end of the world.
* a good place to grocery shop! 

I did have a Zone Protein bar when I was down and out of food--let me tell you, after being on the Reset for 12 days, "food" doesn't TASTE the same. I bit into it, and was like "WTF, this use to taste like candy!!" It DOES Reset your taste buds, be prepared to taste things for how they REALLY are. It's not the same.

* went with the guys to a concert and was the DD! Reset focused--no alcohol for 3 weeks! 

So I guess I went against the Reset rules: 1. eat the meal plan 2. don't workout. Heres the deal though, I'm ALWAYS going to be active. I won't ever stop being active, because thats WHO I AM. I can't change that. I have legs and arms to use, so if I need to eat the mans portions in the Reset, you bet your sweet ass I will. My workout determines my mood, while I'm not lifting or running, I'm still staying active. Truth.

* you get use to Detox, however, alkalnize is sick.. like a fish bowl hahaahh UGH

As far as the meal plan goes, you aren't going TO LOVE EVERYTHING ON THERE. No, I didn't try the tempeh, I subbed it for eggs for that week. I didn't make the sushi, but wish I had. I LOVED the tacos and LOVED the soups! Don't be afraid to try something new.

*they give you this little purse pouch thing to store your supplements-total life saver if you are on the go!
*LOVE trying new spices, Coriander and Cumin, yum!!

Does meal prepping take a while? YES. DUH. my suggestion: make the first 4 days of the weeks meals on Sunday, then prep again on Thursday, repeat. Make your life easy. Learn from my mistakes!

So since I'm half way through I've decided no more mess ups, time to stick to the meal plan as follows, rest as much as I can but still be active (walking, yoga, stretching, going about my day) and just do what  I CAN! I'm not trying to compare my results with anyone, Im doing this FOR ME. I'm doing this because I said I would and I want to challenge myself to be out of my comfort zone.

so what does a healthy diet look like? Here:

*stir fry veggies with Braggs Liquid Amino Acids and other bomb ingredients! 

From Week 1, no grains in week 2 or 3 (but I do have oatmeal if I'm needing carbs)

*Quinoa cucumber and tomato salad with fresh parsley and other stuff! 

* A very BARE reset fridge, need to go shopping! 

Here's a quick video I made on day 8! This was before I started moving, but wanted to post. For some reason my voice and video are off! Sorry!

Well, I'm freakin starving! Time to go eat! TA TA! 

Oh, and energy is still up! =) and sleeping GREAT! 

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