Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 4 Review

This is how I felt yesterday: **please have a sense of humor when reading this, I could really care less about my hip bones, inner thigh gaps, or collar bones. Kinda silly in my opinion to care about your bones sticking out, but I just had to laugh at the girl at the bottom and the cravings I've been having today!

8am BREAKFAST. Had two eggs, two pieces of Ezekiel toast, and some assorted fruits (berries and grapes)

9:15 I want pancakes. Pref. blueberry yogurt pancakes. When I saw my boyfriend yesterday he ate a blueberry Odawalla bar right before I kissed him. His face tasted like a muffin and I wanted to go all Hannibal Lecter on him. It almost got violent. He's alive and breathing.

9:18 Gotta walk the dogs so I can get my mind off blueberry pancakes and hot boyfriend.

11am. Haven't walked dogs, got roped into working and got really excited for my coaches (as usual)
Time to shower. Smelled pancakes being made downstairs. Mom's making pancakes. WTF. that is RUDE. smells like freakin cookies. Drooling. the inner monologue of cuss words streaming through my head is offensive.

12pm. Shakeology intervention. Stupid pancake smell is filling the house. Moving out this weekend, hallelujah!!! Thank the Reset heaven I can have Shakeology!

12:15 DOG WALKING FINALLY!!!! they're pissed.

4:30pm Found two little puppies at the park and had to put up flyers, long story short, we had to take them to the shelter, but we called a rescue to pick them up! Saved the day!

Ok, so as you can tell... yesterday wasn't the EASIEST with cravings, BUT... I did really well on energy. Had no slumps during the day, and was up till midnight visiting my friend Haley and actually woke up at 4:30am WIDE AWAKE. So if there's one thing I've witnessed with this Reset, is that you will have AMPLE energy!

OH.. and thank goodness I'm not bloated today! However, I'm hoping to see more definition soon!

This morning marks day 5!!


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