Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Down 3lbs on Day 3 of the Ultimate Reset

Not gana lie, when I stepped on the scale I pretty much did an Irish jig. No I'm kidding, I high fived myself. 

So yesterday---I actually had SO much energy, usually around 2 I get a little tired working in front of my computer all day and hit a slump, which is usually when I have Shakeology as a pick me up, but I didn't even really have to do that! I had abundant energy all day long. 

I haven't experienced ANY HEADACHES this go around with the oxygenize, I haven't been hungry except when my mom decided it was a great idea to make pancakes and fake hunger pains kicked in due to the aroma (cool mom, thanks). 

and I've been drinking so much water that I pee 24/7. Got up twice in the middle of the night. Hydrate hydrate hydrate. 

I've been sleeping great, waking up RESTED! Seriously, this round of the Reset is pretty deng awesome! LOVING it! 

Stay tuned.

Oh, and don't those tacos look! My favorite dish thus far! 

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