Wednesday, December 12, 2012

P90X UPDATE! Down 4lbs in THREE WEEKS!

So last time I posted about P90X I was telling you all I was on round TWO! I started this program back in Jan of 2011 (woahhh) and its been about two years. SO as of today I've lost 4lbs in the first THREE WEEKS! I know that's not a LOT of weight, but keep in mind, I lost a total of about 17lbs the FIRST go around... and I'm only 17 days in. *my goal is to loose 15lbs of fat, and gain 2lbs of muscle*

I'll be posting my 30 day pictures up pretty soon, so stay posted... I have a feeling it's going to get CRAZY this time! I see VERY CUT ABS in my future, oh and quads like no other!

BUT today isn't about weight loss... it's about letting yourself, more specifically ALLOWING yourself to succeed and knowing that you are capable of doing the things you've always wanted to do.

Often time we talk ourselves out and down of an idea, whether that's P90X (trust me, I didn't think I could actually do it!) or paying off a huge amount of debt.

In order to see a change in your PHYSICAL life, you have to make the mental change FIRST! 

and always always protect your dreams, they are your vision, your destiny if you allow yourself to believe so!

When you allow yourself to dream, and stop waiving the white flag to your dreams and start living your dreams, that's when you see results. That's when I saw results. To see what I accomplished in 30 days go here:

and here are my overall p90x results with an added 30 days of Insanity (all while using Shakeology of course): 

So December 23rd is my day 30 pictures, that's not too far away, will you follow me and let me show you how well this program works? Even better find me on Facebook and follow my journey! 


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