Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Skinny on Cheat Meals

The Skinny on Cheat MEALS

Cheat meal. Fun meal. Indulgence Meal. Whatever you want to call it. It's the day you set aside, the meal you look forward to, that you can totally cave and enjoy that slice or two of pizza, the burger and fries, or the chocolate cake. We all have our weaknesses right? No one said loosing weight, becoming a lean mean machine was easy, but you can still be human! Actually, did you know that having a cheat meal once a week can confuse your metabolism and actually help you loose weight faster? It's good to shock your body once in a while so that it doesn't become stagnant. I'm not encouraging you go buck wild and eat everything in sight, but I am saying have it planned out. 

Here's the deal:
1. PICK a DAY to have your cheat meal and stick to it! Most of the time people will designate a certain day (me, I love Sundays!) to a cheat meal and may veer off course and have a few cheat meals once the weekend rolls around. Don't sabotage all that hard work during the week, it's like taking 4 steps forward, and 6 back. You end up in the negative. So pick a day, stick to it!
2. Pick the type of food you want to induldge in! Maybe you want fish tacos, pancakes, whatever you fancy. I find that having it planned helps me work harder towards that cheat meal.
3. Tell people you can only eat bad on that day, friends may try to tempt you into going out and having drinks or just grabbing appetizers (remember to choose healthy options while you are out at restaurants, ask for things steamed, not sauteed in butter, and always get water).
4. Understand that having a cheat meal actually DOES keep you on track, it allows you to give into that craving just enough. But like the picture says, portion control. Also drink a glass of water before you eat, that will help dull the hunger and cravings!
5. ENJOY IT!!! Don't guilt trip yourself, just relax and know that the next meal, you are back on track where you belong!


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