Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Healthy Halloween--how to not totally derail all that hard work!

So.. Halloween is almost here and I'm sure you are probably going to either eat or drink somewhat this weekend or next week! Heck, I know I will have a LITTLE fun, but all in moderation. I'm working towards a cruise in November and have very little wiggle room!

Here are some GREAT tips on how to stay healthy and FIT for Halloween!

  • Taking the kids trick-or-treating? Eat a filling meal before hand comprised of tons of vegetables, quinoa or brown rice. Veggies and complex carbs will expand in your stomach and make you feel fuller longer, so when the kiddos are packing their bags with candy you won't be as enticed to go overboard. 

  • Drink Shakeology before you go out! I typically drink my Shake-O before I go out for the night or dinner so I only eat half of a healthy meal out (and bring the rest home) or opt for a salad! Plus it seems to avoid hangovers! PERFECT!!

  • Did you know that 3 small fun size candies = one large candy bar? yikes! So you sit there munching on so many different ones and before you know it you have eaten the equivalence of 4 candy bars. holy crap! Not good right? Well, don't worry. Have you ever seen the Weight Watchers candy? Or consider making a healthy dessert before hand and have a few bites, and freeze the rest! My favorite-healthy brownies or muffins, have one, freeze the rest!

  • Dip your favorite fruit in chocolate or create a healthy parfait! Hello Edible Arrangements!
  • Have a goal body picture saved as your home screen on your phone--when you feel weak, take a look at it and remember that you worked too hard to go backwards!

  • Workout the day you decide to go out, I know that when I workout I don't want to go eat a bunch of crappy food, and I'm more likely to feel good in what I'm wearing.
  • CHOOSE DARK chocolate then milk chocolate, it's not as bad for you and cocoa is a great antioxidant! 
  • If you are having a party--get creative with fruits and vegetables for your party! Make the decor and food match: 

  • If you want to go out and party consider checking out some low cal cocktails that won't give you a nasty hang over and won't totally screw you over!               **TRY THESE**  

Sea Breeze

 Pour 1 shot vodka1 shot cranberry juice (100 percent juice, no sugar added), and 1 shot fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice over ice. Add a splash of seltzer and enjoy! (Preferably in a beach chair by the water!)
Cape Codder
Pour 1 shot of vodka and 2 shots cranberry juice (100 percent juice, no sugar added) over ice. Add 2 shots seltzer water, stir, and garnish with a lime wedge. 
check out this website for more healthy drink options:

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!! and BE SAFE, don't drink and drive ok?

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