Friday, October 19, 2012


Fast food? Not the kind you're thinking of. I'm not referring to that chemically enhanced crap you get at a drive thru. I'm talking WHOLE nutritious foods from mother earth. Let's face it, there is no "healthy fast food" restaurant chain. Sure you can get a salad from these places-but throw on that spicy ranch dressing and croutons, and BAM that salad went from being 300 calories to 800 and you can kiss those Abs good bye.

So here you go: FIVE healthy alternatives, FIVE healthy fast foods.

1. Shakeology - no not just because I think it's the best thing since Pinterest (forget sliced bread) but because it's packed with everything you need in one tasty shake! Vitamins, minerals, probiotics, veggies, wheat grass, antioxidants, and heck--it's chocolate flavored! (also comes in Tropical flavor and Vegan form). All you have to do is blend, takes MAYBE 2 minutes!

2. Apples and nut butter: this can't get much easier. It's an apple (complex carbs) and either all natural peanut butter (moderation ladies, this isn't meant to be abused --ahem you know who you are, you tend to go overboard). Try almond butter or cashew butter! Super yum.

3.  Nothing is more filling then raw veggies, hummus and a few small slices of wheat pita bread. It's quick and delicious and if you can't make it yourself, Starbucks has it for a great overpriced price! yay! but seriously, make it at home, it's not hard.  My favorite: broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, celery, cauliflower and a pine nut hummus. MMM!

4. Brown Rice cakes with a nut butter and fruit: You can find healthy organic brown rice cakes at your nearest health food stores or in the green section of your grocery store--just put a tablespoon of a nut butter on top and have half a pear, or half an apple, banana--maybe a few grapes! A great way to hold you over until your next meal and a great pre-workout snack!

5. JUICE: -not orange juice. But actual juicing--grab all your favorite veggies and maybe some type of fruit to sweeten it naturally and voila! you have a great healthy QUICK meal! Here's a great article on WHY you should:
Also, check at Odwalla drinks, but be sure to check the sugar content!

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