Monday, November 5, 2012

120lb+ Weight loss--Jessamyn Patterson

This is Jessamyn. She is beautiful. Strong. Independent. She gives her all. She doesn't make excuses. She's a go getter. She happens to be one of my coaches and friends... she is just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. What's astonishing about her is that she lost 120lbs... can you believe it? Don't worry, if you can't... I have PROOF!

I met Jessamyn in high school, she was friends with my sister and she got pregnant after she graduated with her beautiful son. I remember her bringing me all her clothes mid pregnancy. To say the least, I was THRILLED to get new clothes from Hollister, American Eagle, etc... but I'm MORE thrilled that she has completely done a 180 with her health. This now proud mother, wife, and business entrepreneur is a walking example of what it means to be a product of the product. Congrats JESS!!! <3 LOVE YOU!

Let's see what Jess has to say about her amazing transformation...

"I always FELT heavy, out of shape. I knew that the restrictions on my life were not okay. I felt trapped in this body. BUT no one else in my world told me this. I never knew how much my husband worried about me and my mom fretted. Professional yo-yo dieter was an understatement to my life. I tried it all from Sensa to hypnosis. Weight Watchers to Soup diets. BeyoncĂ©’s Lemonade diet? Oh you know it! 
Yet still no matter how many summers I spent in long sleeves and 100 degree weather, nothing put me over the edge to change until last year. A good friend visited me, we wanted to “make memories” and go sky diving. Needless to say, I was wayyyy over the weight limit. Finally it caught up to me. I was always too big for roller-coaster and airplane seats, but I wasn’t going to Six Flags or flying anywhere. Too Fat To Skydive? Being told that in front of a room of people? I was in physical pain. Something in me snapped that day. THIS was no longer okay. I was no longer going to sit on the sidelines. I was going to make a change and I was going to do it RIGHT! I took baby steps, incorporating exercise, changing my food. It was hard, but I knew the life I had been living was a lot harder. 

I lost 100lbs in 8 months, and 117lbs in 12 months. These past 6 months have been about maintenance and education. This was more than a diet! This is a LIFESTYLE! & I wouldn’t trade it for the world!"

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  1. I feel so honored to be featured in your blog! Thank you. I just want my voice to be heard, beign honest about my journey, my struggles, my challenges. Knowing it is possible and that there is ALWAYS time and that you will look back and be shocked at how capable and strong you are! <3 GREAT POST THANKS ABBY!