Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Well.. I love fashion as well as being fit so this is out of the "norm" of what I usually post... but alas. I am a girl, who loves to shop for things other than workout shoes and shorts!

So here goes.... your FALL FASHION MUST HAVES <3

any other great recommendations? post below in the comment section! Follow me on my Pinterest fashion spot:

1. Cross Body Bag--I remember when these hit the scene again and I had a flashback to when I was little and my mom use to carry one around and all I could think was "REALLY?!" but now I'm like "This is the most amazing thing ever, my shoulders don't hurt and its freakin cute!"

*fringe and spikes wherever you can! All in moderation of course!

2.  Boot socks, sock boots. whatever they are cute and fun and a great spin on things! With jeans, or leggings or even tights-rock em, love em, and keep warm!

3. Black, Beige or Camel leather bomber jacket. You best BELIEVE I bought mine already--black and a nice coffee color! 

What I LOVE about this last photo-you don't have to match all colors, simple tan and brown belts with grey and black can really set your look apart from the norm! 

4. Oversized chunky sweater: OH, so warm and cute, relaxed yet fashionable. My two favorite things! 
Did I mention Native Americans are making their comeback! Grab the nearest pancho print! 

5. Leopard and leather... it couldn't be sexier. Just not too much of either or else it's too much!

 And lastly... a POP of color... either scarf, jeans or heels! you name it!

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  1. I love the black, brown, and cream Native American design sweater you have pictured above…where can I find it?