Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Master Series Review

Well hiya! Ok, if you didn't know... I'm obsessed with Brazil Butt Lift. Not the surgery, the DVD workout program from Beachbody! to know more about it, click here! But for now, I'm talking about the Master Series, which has been released from Beachbody as of last week. It's like the graduate program or add on program for the original BBL.

First impression I got was, YESSSS Leandro, I LOVE YOU. Who is Leandro? He's a booty master and helps the Victoria Secret models get runway ready by lifting and toning DAT ASS.
**keep in mind this is my impression from the first week, and I cant wait to see results for 30 days!

The first workout I did was Higher and Tighter (about 30 mins), similar to the original BBL's High and Tight DVD. AWESOME WORKOUT! This class uses the stability ball the whole time, and is a great workout for the booty, lower back and arms. Since you are holding the stability ball while squatting and lifting, your arms will get a great workout. As you can see below, if you have a dog that loves balls or toys, it may be hard to workout!

The second day was Bikini Body (about 30 mins). A great workout using stability ball and weights, you can expect to balance on the ball while using dumbbells for bicep and other arm workouts! I will say that it wasn't AS hard as what I'm use to when it comes to lifting because of good ole ChaLEAN Extreme teaching me to GO BIG OR GO HOME ;-) However, there is a great arm workout that works to lift your boobs and get rid of under arm/armpit fat!

Third workout was Ipanema Booty--similar to BBL Bum Bum but with dumbbells. You will do a LOT of squatting, lunges and leg lifts here! Be prepared to SWEAT.

My Favorite workout: Higher and Tighter
Worth buying: YES
Overall impression of the initial workouts: LOVE them, I'm trying to decide if there just as hard as the FIRST BBL, and honestly, they are just very different approaches to working the body. I think a hybrid of the TWO would be DYNAMITE in getting that rear in GEAR and a great overall workout for the body. However, you can always adjust the difficulty by upping your weights and resistance! Make it count!

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  1. Awesome post. And good info... Although i won't be doing it.

  2. So I am looking to try out the exercises on Brazilian Buttock Lift but don't want to purchase the DVD's, is there a woman out there that will share with me all of the exercises that you do on BBL? Greatly appreciated(: