Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pumpki Brownie Recipe

Why yes, I am at it again! No, I don't just bake brownies non stop, although I wish I could and not gain weight. That would be a win, SCORE!

Anyway, todays recipe is one that I heard about through the grapevine and I'm sure it's already out there on some other blog but I thought I'd share as well for my followers and people who know I LOVE to experiment!

So without further ado.

It's a brownie--with ONE mixing ingredient.

PUMPKIN. Weird right? So these brownies came out SUPER fudgey (not a word obviously) and VERY moist! UHMMM YUM. There is a slight pumpkin taste, so I may try to change it up next time. I totally recommend throwing some pecans and chocolate chips in there so it's not as pumpkin-y (another non word--I like to keep it grammatically correct around these parts).

Oh. and YES they do taste different, you're using freakin pumpkin, so if you come at me with 'ugh these are different, weird, yada yada yada' just keep that tid-bit in mind. =)

So you need:
Brownie mix
15oz can of Pumpkin.

Mix. Preheat at 350, bake for 40 mins. Keep an eye on them, time can vary!

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