Monday, September 17, 2012

Five New things I've learned from Pinterest...

So... I LOVE finding easier ways to do things, new tricks and tips. And obviously being on Pinterest you can try or do something new EVERYDAY. Here are FIVE things that I've learned and either LOVED or HATED.

1. One of my FAVORITE tips. If you have contact solution, and your mascara is drying out or seems empty, put a few drops into the mascara tube and then stir it around. DON'T PUMP THE MASCARA, THAT PUSHES AIR IN AND OUT AND DRIES IT OUT FASTER!

2. Shave with BABY OIL: you don't need a fancy razor to shave your legs. you honestly don't. Your cutting the hair off your body, who freakin cares. But do grab some baby oil and use a few drops and lather onto the skin. Not only does it extend the use of your razor, but you get a better shave, AND your skin is freakin soft and smooth! 
3.  Taking off GLITTER nail POLISH! Glitter... cotton balls... foil... music and patience. that's all you need! Here's the skinny:
4. Making your own tulle wreaths-what they DON'T tell you is that when making these pretty things, is you need a ton of tulle and you need to either have the patience to cut the tulle into tiny long strips, or you need someone to do it for you because I just about lost my damn mind sitting there cutting and cutting. OR you need one of those fancy board cutter things that can do some serious work and damage! And you will NEED a lot of tulle to really fill it out and make it look good. For the tubing/round part of the wreath, go to Home Depot and in the plumbing section grab a 6f foam tubing for about $1then duct tape the ends together!
5. Clean your straightener with at home products--baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. My straightener has never gotten THAT dirty, but build up of products and the oils from our hair can def effect the use of it! SUPER EASY:

oh, you're welcome. ;-)

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