Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pamper Yourself

I've noticed that people will work themselves to the bone and forget to stop and just relax. I'm quite the opposite, I think I have the relaxation part down pretty good but these are just a few ideas and ways to indulge.

1. Take an Epsom salt bath, with lavender oil and add baking soda (1/2 cup or less) and just soak for 20 minutes. It will draw out the toxins in your body and soften your skin, add other oils if you like!

2. Sore body and muscles? At the end of your shower, alternate between hot and cold water, go as cold as you can stand for a minute or so, then back to warm water. This will improve circulation to your muscles and let your body recover faster.

3. Water in your lemon--some say that cold water helps your body wake up and burns more calories to bring it to a warmer temperature. Either way, add some lemon to help flush toxins and wake up your digestion!

4. Take at least 10 minutes a day to rest your mind, and sleep doesn't count. Sleep still has active brain waves, whether your dreaming or not. Take 10 minutes a day to just sit and enjoy, let your mind go and breathe deep.

5. At home facials:
The one I want to try: Tone: This toning eye treatment helps to “de-puff, relax, refresh and energize your skin,” says Argenti. “It’s much more cooling than the traditional cucumber slices.” After cleansing your skin, brew a cup of chamomile or green tea and allow it to cool. Then soak two clean, round makeup sponges in the tea and squeeze out any excess liquid. Place one on each of your eyes for 15 minutes. Do this daily. “You need to use an alcohol-free toner on your skin to cleanse and tighten 
pores. Alcohol is very detrimental, and tea works just as well,” adds Argenti.

I think today I will try 2, 3, and 5! What are you going to try?!

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