Friday, June 29, 2012

How Alcohol Affects your Weight Loss and Results! What should you drink?!

Shots! Shots! Shots... ok shut up LMFAO! If I have more SHOT I'm going to fall over. But in all seriousness... how does ALCOHOL affect your weight loss and results?

I hate to burst every college girl, sorority girl, stay at home mom wine-o, and beery lovers dream... but put DAS BOOT down... and take a read. It's not even 5 o'clock somewhere...

You have FAT burning and FAT storing hormones, but which do you think alcohol affects? You bet, BOTH. When you drink alcohol, it slows down your fat BURNING and increases your fat STORING. Ew, right? Let me break it down...

I don't know about you, but when I was in Vegas for WORK, I had McDonalds french fries TWICE when I was drunk. LOL, not cute I know.. but dammit I was hungry. Why is this? Alcohol lowers your blood sugar levels and makes you feel hungrier. Add a few shots of vodka, some mixed drinks and a small french fry from McDonald's and what do you have? A bloated Beachbody Coach. Yeah.. I know I'm suppose to be healthy. I get it, I was on vacation and had a little too much fun. You have to let loose once in a while. **at least I ordered a salad with those fries***

Me having TOO much fun in VEGAS! Thank goodness there's no french fry shot!

Get this... when you have FOOD and ALCOHOL, your body actually uses the energy from the alcohol FIRST then stores the food as fat.. so not what you had in mind for your 90 day photos right?Why does your body do this? Your body actually recognizes alcohol as a poison (now I want to listen to 80s music) and tries to eliminate it FIRST, then stores your food.

Since the food is being stored as fat and not metabolized properly, your body doesn't absorb any nutrients (not sure what nutrients it gets from fries).

So if you are a heavy drinker, or drink socially on the weekends, be warned, you will gain weight. Your body is going to hold onto fat cells from your foods because it will burn the energy from the alcohol first. I know how fun it is to go the club every weekend... wait no I don't, that's not fun. It's painful! I don' know how you crazy people do it. You're also damaging your liver and your body's ability to absorb and process necessary nutrients and minerals.

Many girls feel they are skinnier after drinking, but the truth of the matter is... they are dehydrated and they loose water weight. However, after the alcohol wears off, they will gain the water weight back, and then some. PLUS your body will start to eat away at your muscles from not eating, and your fat reserves will stay in place as a last ditch effort for energy... YIKES

SO NOW WHAT? How can I drink occasionally without paying the price? Well, with every good thing comes a small price. But all in moderation eh?

Red or White Wine--typically around 100 calories per 5oz!
Light Beer (GASP!) You may have to try a few light beers to find one that doesn't taste absolutely awful. I know, it sucks. But really? First wold problems people. You'll be okay! Lighter beer (as in the color) has less congeners, which can reduce the hangover.
Use actual fruit for your "juice" and avoid liquors, juices and syrups. Try tonic water, and diet cranberry. I don't advise using DIET coke, pepsi or any other soda because the aspartame in it.
Champagne is typically less in calories
Skinny Margaritas
Bloody Mary

Long Island Ice Tea: around/up to 800 calories! What did you expect with all those different liquors? Trust me, this was my go to drink when I was bigger and partied. NOT CUTE LADIES! Stop drinking like a college girl.
Margaritas: around/up to 700 calories! Anything that involves sweet and sour mix, club soda or juice is a NO NO!
Pina Coladas

DID you know: 
A couple of beers can easily add more than 300 calories to your diet, the equivalent of 30 minutes of jogging for a 150-lb person. Having a few drinks after a workout may end up undoing all that hard work.


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