Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to have fun Working Out!

Alright... I'm no workout goddess... there are days, even weeks where Im dragging myself to the living room, and throwing myself in front of the TV to press play and workout! I'm not a freakin robot, I just don't get up and go!

So what do you do when you DON'T want to workout? You make it fun, DUH!!! =)

Here are FIVE ways to make working out fun!

  • Put on your favorite upbeat jams! I'm a throwback girl, sometimes its DMX, Backstreet boys, or ACDC. Then I get ready to workout and mentally prep myself for it. Whether I drink some E and E to get the workout motivational juices flown' or just dancing around the house, I get my groove on! I make sure I have water, a towel, and my workout booklet to record my weights
  • LOOK HOT!!! Ok, so I loved theme parties growing up... and Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday.. and not because of the common belief that girls can dress skanky and get away with it. I genuinely LOVE just getting funky and doing fun stuff! So in order to enjoy my workouts more, I bought tube socks, sweat bands, and sometimes I'll do a side ponytail (livin' on the edge). Whether you need to treat yourself to a new pair of sexy spandex shorts, a cute sports bra or an array of neon socks, go FOR IT!! 
  • Put your GOAL body next to your workout area. I have a picture of this girl who is in my height and weight range (make reasonable goals) next to my TV and my calendar or workouts! When I want to slack off, I look at that picture and push harder! 
  • Switch it up! Bored lifting weights? Tired of running 5 miles everyday? ERRR get a grip people!! Working out is suppose to relieve stress, not create it from the same monotonous crap! So get wild, do something different, try yoga (if you are into that), kick boxing, kayaking, soccer! Just switch it up once a week! Keep it fresh, YO!
  • Grab a buddy! So when I do NOT want to workout, and its looking like the jaws of life are going to have resurrect me from the couch, I txt a friend and set up a workout date or join a fit club and go when I need a reality workout check! Your workout/healthy/fitness relationship doesn't have to be monogamous. Have a running buddy, a Zumba buddy, a Brazil Butt Lift Buddy! Don't have friends? Find a local Fit Club in your area, just message me and I will help you find one!
 Kati and I LOVE our tube socks! 

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