Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh... the madness! I'm moving home! San Diego bound!

So... as you know I've stopped the reset. I'm glad I did for right now, especially with the moving because there is NO way I wouldn't have been able to have enough energy to pack all this crap. I felt an update was in order because most of you follow me on Facebook and wonder what the heck is going on.

Since Corey isn't here in Florida anymore, I've decided that moving back to San Diego is the best idea and honestly, the best for me and my sanity. While I've made amazing friends here in Florida, everyone has their own lives, agendas, families and marriages to take care of. I felt myself slipping down that slippery sloap of sadness and being alone.

I'm kind of like a husky, I'm a pack animal for sure and need to be around other people. But more then that, I need my family and close friends back home to help get me through this! So in the mean time, Corey is going to kick ass at school and pass, and I will live in my parents house... with my three dogs... and there two dogs... and luckily my best friend Kacie will watch my cat.

Packing an entire house is a whole other debacle though. I have a feeling I may need some white wine to get me through it! Thank you to Lori, Charles, Natasha, Ryan, Richard and Kristen for all your help so far! You are all saving me HUGE headaches!!

Bon Voyage Florida!

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