Thursday, May 3, 2012

7 Mothers Day Gift Ideas!

So... mother's day is fast approaching. I was actually born on Mother's day, so I'm her gift ;-) Ok fine, thats a little cheap of me, for the woman who has given me such an amazing life! So every year I feel like my gift should be a yacht or new car because I seriously am so grateful of everything she has EVER done for me. Have you ever just reflected on your childhood and how your mom did it? Especially if she had more then two kids! So how do you show the woman who did so much for you, that you more then appreciate her?

  1. Make it an ALL day event! Either take her to brunch (which is always madness, but super yummy) or make her a healthy breakfast at home complete with Eggs Benedict, Banana nut pancakes, Shakeology, maple sausage or bacon, orange juice, stuffed french toast, you name it. Bring the brunch to her! Then go out for a nice walk at a park, by the water, or somewhere scenic to walk off all that delicious food! Then take her to a movie!
  2. Pack a picnic and go for a hike, if you have gorgeous elevation near you, take advantage of the scenery and time with your mom! If you don't want to make the food, find the best deli in town and have the food ready to go! Bring a camera =)
  3. Sign the both of you up for a class you two have been wanting to take: photography, cake decorating, Step Aerobics, wine class, you name it! Doing a class over a span of a few weeks REALLY shows that you want to spend time with her.
  4. Look out for your latest Groupon/Living Social/Half off Depot deals for fun things to do in your area, like a boat/whale watching tour! If you aren't near her, and can't be, make sure she has someone to do the activity with! *husband, boyfriend, etc*
  5. Give her a workout DVD. Ok yeah, I had to suggest it because I honestly LOVE it and my mom is one of the reasons I love working out so much, she use to be a water aerobics teacher and has always supported me in my fitness journey. If you need help picking one out for your mama, message me! I would be more then happy to help your mom embark on a healthier future!
  6. A month supply of Shakeology never hurt anyone, who knows maybe you could help lower her cholesterol. No gift says "live a longer, healthier life" like Shakeology! Plus she can try all my yummy Shakeology dessert recipes (pie, protein balls, etc). 
  7. Take her to a concert or play! Look for local events in your area that she would find fun and interesting! I know my mom LOVES plays. Even if its farther in the future, it's still an awesome gift!
These are just SOME ideas, but I personally love MAKING memories, then giving a gift. However, if your mom wants a gift, by all means, gifts are great. Don't forget to tell her how much you love and appreciate her, that you think she's an amazing woman! 

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