Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why I'm discontinuing the Reset for now!

Well, after my much debate and talking to my husband, as well as a close friend I’ve decided NOW is not my time to “Reset”. I’ve been struggling with the idea not working out for 3 weeks, and honestly it’s driven me to just be really annoyed and frustrated this whole week. The more frustrated I get, the more I make this out to be a really bad experience and I would rather try it at another time with honest effort and take it for what it really is. 
I thought this would be the best time for me to do it since Corey left, but now is obviously not a good time. I need to be busy, distracted by the fact that Corey isn’t here and not focusing on NOT being able to workout and eat only certain foods. If the one thing that helped your sanity because your husband left, was the only thing you couldn’t do, you would probably rethink it too!
 I know that some coaches may read this with dissapointment or think I didn’t give it enough effort, but I’m not looking for anyones approval or “ok” on this ;-) I have to do whats best for me right now ;-)

 This is for my customers and followers who were hoping to see the transformation..I can say that the Ultimate Reset is a good product, the meals are amazing and it will expand your horizon on different foods and ingredients (Braggs amino acids is amazing!!). I did feel better as far as sleep and waking up alert, yes the headaches were bad but those wear off. I will more then likely try it in the future, when I can wrap my head around the no working out for 3 weeks part. Sorry, but walking doesn’t cut it for me! 
I would DEF recommend the Reset, even after a week to those who don’t mind not working out, who can give up animal protein and products, and are ready to feel better, sleep better, and kickstart weight loss. I can really see this product taking off especially with those who struggle on what to eat, how often and who just need to learn basic nutrition skills. I think this program would be especially helpful for those who want to loose a good amount of weight and teaching the body what real nutrition is. 
To those doing it now, good luck and I look forward to your results! I will continue eating just as good, and working out =) 

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  1. I support you girl. Takes a strong person to simply admit when it's just not the right time. This was definitely a smart decision and not a lazy one. Best of luck, you will get there mama.