Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Glow--How to look fabulous for CHEAP!

So as a blonde, a red head, a brunette, and even black hair, I have discovered some of the best products to keep looking fabulous all year long. By no means am I an esthetician, makeup artist, or super guru… but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve. So ladies...listen up ;)

In high school the group of girls I rolled with (and still close to ;) ) prided ourselves on mastering the art of a fake tan all year long. We tried probably hundreds of tinted moisturizers, lotions, sprays, wipes, and whatever concoction we thought of. I know that we should sometimes embrace our "paleness," but having a nice tan, whether its real or not is a mood booster in my opinion and a life saver when it comes to winter! If you can't afford the professional spray tan then opt for something cheap. My all time favorite fake tanner is: Banana Boat, Summer Color Deep Dark!

Keep in mind, use sparingly on your knees, ankles, feet, elbows and any other creased areas ;) I use it ALL OVER, even my face and no breakouts at all! Take a shower, shave and exfoliate, put lotion on immediately all over and mix with a regular white lotion when applying to your knees, hands, wrists, ankles, toes and feet, armpits, etc. This will help neutralize the deep dark color in those areas. This tan will show up in about 5 or less hours! SCORE! Oh and keep in mind, it doesn't smell awful, but you won't smell like a bed of roses so do it a few days before a big event!
Teeth whiteners. This to me has always been a no brainer. I've tried almost every OTC teeth whitener I can get my hands on and always revert back to Crest White Strips! Spend the $50 instead of the $100 it normally costs, but be very careful if you have sensitive teeth!
Hair: This is where I truly splurge. Hair is sooo important and sorry girls, but Pantene Pro-V ain't cuttin it anymore! I love Pureology and Joico! Pureology is a bit on the higher end side and Joico is more fairly priced. You get what you pay for when it comes to hair care! 

Shaving: Two words: Shave Secret. My friend, Elissa told me about this amazing product that is made of oils. All you do is put 3 drops in your wet palm, lather in your hands, then rub on the desired shave area (while in the shower). You can find it at Wal-Mart! It truly is the best shave EVER!
Nail care: Hello Sally's! I am a proud club member because I am in LOVE with China Glaze. You don't want to pay salon price for a nice manicure or pedi? It might be $5 a bottle, but get over 20 uses out of it! Plus it has clay in it that can help nail strength. I use Gelous Advanced Nail Gel Coat for my base to help with strength, China Glaze colored polish 2 coats, then Diamond Dry to help dry faster and keep shiny longer!
Face wash/tough makeup remover (waterproof mascara): 
I use to break out pretty bad in middle and high school, but used Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash and I SWEAR by this stuff! Their moisturizer is also amazing! Wear waterproof mascara? Try Jergens All Purpose Face Cream and use on your eyes to not only remove makeup but help get the abrasive effects of waterproof mascara off your eyes! I would NOT suggest using this all over your face, very oily! But it does the job with lots of mascara, late nights at the club, and glitter ;) 

Hello EYELASHES!!! I can't barf enough about this amazing stuff by Loreal, called Double Extend Beauty Tube Mascara. If you have no eyelashes, a little bit of eyelashes or even camel eyelashes (have you seen camel's eye lashes? holy crap!) then look no further. Again, if you don't want to pay the Sephora price for mascara, which I don't mind every ONCE in a while, then this is what YOU need! 

Beach day? Get some Banana Boat Tanning Oil with SPF8! This stuff protects your skin a little bit, but lets you get a good base going. Just don't FRY too long ;)
Let's at least be smart about sunscreen though! I still love anything Banana Boat, and would not recommend their amazing products if I didn't believe in them! So lather up, protect your face, ears, scalp, and hands. No one wants grandma hands at the age of 28. 

Exfoliation: I love me some St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub once a week. Or get the off brand, Walmart version!

 Facial Bronzer: As much as I love my Mac Bronzer and the numerous other ones I have, I KEEP using my Jane Bronzer from Target or Walmart. It's cheap and amazing!

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