Monday, April 23, 2012

Ultimate Reset Day 3

Not going to lie... today was harder. Not because of the food though, the food was good as always but it's just been a mentally tough day. I hate complaining, but I said I would be real with you all so here goes nothin...

Woke up feeling SUPER rested, and really clear. Usually I wake up a little foggy, and sometimes with a slight headache from not drinking water through out the night. I even woke up at 7:30am voluntarily--which NEVER happens. However, I went back to sleep because what the heck else am I gana do. And they recommend naps. So there.

No headaches, no body aches, nothing super crazy to report! Just felt better, and haven't been bloated AT ALL. which is awesome! The Lime Lentil salad was delicious... have you tried lentils? If not, you need to!

By the way, the grocery list for The Ultimate Reset is pretty awesome--Braggs Amino Acids, my new favorite substitution for soy sauce! I've used it twice and I LOVE IT!

As the afternoon/evening approached, I just got in a sour mood. Corey is in training, and I'm here with the dogs. Lady (our shepherd) was absolutely depressed today. She kept laying by his side of the bed and looking out the window for him =( If that's not awful, I don't know what is! Then I thought about how we aren't "suppose" to workout while doing this and then that just put me in an even worse mood.

Funny how we DON'T want to workout and we will make EVERY excuse in the book to not do it, then once we have that option taken away, that's the only thing we want to do. From here on out, Im going to tell all of you--you can never workout and eat healthy again ;-) But I snapped out of my bad mood after dinner, Im chalking it up to "I was hangry or fungry"


I'm sorry but I swapped the tempeh sushi rolls for the Mahi again, too good to pass up! So no fabulous pictures today, sorry peeps!

Well CIAO!!

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