Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ultimate Reset Day 2

Ahh...  yes... I made a promise to myself and you all to blog 21 days straight. What the heck was I thinking...?! I use to HATE blogging about a year ago. I do it maybe 3x a week, but now 21 days straight. New habits!! ;-)

Day 2--Breakfast was divine. Easy and I loved it. I had oatmeal (my favorite) with blueberries and subbed the plain yogurt (cuz it tastes like sour cream) out for an egg, either way I had my protein!

Honestly, I had an inner monologue that went like this..

"I hate being told what to do. I hate being told what I can and cannot eat at certain times and I HATE that alkalinize crap because it smells like a dirty fish bowl" ---(note: its NOT that bad when you use less water, shake it, and chug like its your 21st birthday with a shot of tequila)

I almost licked a P90X protein bar.

then... I snapped out of it and remembered WHY I'm doing this. and this is how that inner monologue went:

"You wanted this. You paid for it. You need to learn how to get a handle on your nutrition and be a better coach. You feel great, you are changing your bad habits and replacing it with new ones. You look better, you feel better, you sleep better!"

Sucked it up, had lunch. Salad, not bad! I did have a nasty food poisoning salad incident about a year or two ago (late night out with a friend.. ahem Elissa) and it tainted my salad cravings.. so doing two salads in a two day period made me a little nauseous. But I pulled through!

Dinner was delicious!!! Black beans, rice, corn, purple onion, and cilantro on an Ezekiel tortilla with kale, guac, and salsa! Seriously, I could eat that EVERYDAY! Welp, nothing super exciting to report besides that and my wonderful Getting Started Right Call with Haley =) You are going to be a great coach girl!!


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