Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Traveling and need lunch/dinner/snack/breakfast ideas?

One of the most frustrating things for me is traveling and trying to eat right and somehow get in some type of physical exercise when I know I'll be limited to space and food! There is truly nothing worse then being stuck in a McDonald's drive thru when you have lost X amount of pounds and dread to take it on!

So WHAT can YOU do?!

I had a fellow Turbofire enthusiast ask me so here it goes...


Oatmeal--seriously, this couldn't get easier. If you know you are going to be on the road, or going to have an early flight all you need is oats, water and whatever you want to add in there. This is where preparing your meals and prepackaging everything comes into play. Add some protein powder for flavor and more nutritional value!

On the road: Pre portion your oatmeal out (one cupped handful is your portion size) and add in nuts, dried berries, or if you have a cooler-fresh fruit, and all you have to do is add water. If you can, heat up water before you hit the road. Hotels have microwaves, or you can eat it cold. Pack styrofoam cereal cups and plasticware for easy access!

Early Flight: Again, pre portion your oatmeal, and take it to the airport. Once you get through security, ask the local Starbucks to heat it up for you. Add whatever you like--berries, nuts, fruits, you name it!

Fresh Fruit and Veggies: you can bring snacks ANYWHERE! You just need the right tupperware and bag to hold it all.

On the road/On a Flight: Pack a cooler full of fresh fruit, apples, blueberries, bananas cut up, grapes, veggies, hummus. It's super easy to just grab and have right away. You can even make ants on a log before hand and store.

Shakeology: This is a no brainer, if you don't have Shakeology and you need a full meal that can work for any time of the day, you are missing out!! It has all your essential ingredients-fruits, veggies, antioxidants, mineral, vitamins, probiotics, you name it. You can shake it up with milk or blend it! If you are at a hotel, they may have a blender, just ask! if not, shake it up with ICE!

Eggs- Yes, I said eggs. But this is going to take preparation. Make EGG muffins, I know some of us (especially me) loves their eggs in the morning. You can either boil those bad boys or make egg muffins. All you have to do is crack an egg in each individual muffin tin, add some sautéed onions, peppers, etc. then bake it for a few minutes. There you have it, precooked egg muffins!

Individual Yogurt Cups: Make it real interesting and add some fruit to it, if you are flying you can't get it past security so eat it before or buy some in there. Just be sure to steer clear of the unnecessary sugars that are hidden in it-opt for plain and greek yogurts.


Precooked Chicken: Grill some chicken, cut it up, put it in tupperware and if you are on the road, throw it in the cooler. If you are on a flight, you only have so long to eat it, so make sure you eat while it's still good. I always carry chicken with celery and hummus on the road (especially if we are heading out to Orlando). It's super easy and tastes great cold!

Premade Salads: This is a no brainer, make your salad, and put it in tupperware. If you are flying, you can't bring your own dressing so grab some at the nearest food court. I love adding raisins, broccoli, peppers, purple onions, etc. to mine. Add chicken for protein!

Shakeology- refer to Breakfast part

Sandwiches-Avoid the peanut butter and jelly unless you have kids. Sitting down and consuming that much fat, protein and sugar is not good for you and will actually make you hungrier! So try to aim for all veggie sandwiches- like sprouts, cucumbers, shredded carrots, etc. OR make chicken sandwiches. BLTs are always delicious too! Opt for sprouted grain bread, like Ezekiel bread. Whole Wheat doesn't always mean healthy, it can actually be more processed then WHITE BREAD! Do your research!

Tuna Wraps:  These are seriously easy and would fit great in a cooler. You've got protein and complex carbs. Click HERE! for the recipe. Another great lunch, snack and dinner is canned tuna with rice crackers and any dip you can get your hands on! Super easy and no need for plates. Again, dips won't make it through security!


  • Apples
  • Carrot sticks, opt for hummus instead of Ranch
  • Food Should Taste Good Chips-seriously they are amazing
  • Hummus with veggies
  • Bell peppers
  • Ants on a log
  • Kid's Clif Bars-I like the kids ones better then adults
  • Shakeology
  • Tuna in a can with crackers
  • Bananas with almond butter
  • make your own trail mix or granola
  • Brown Rice Cakes
  • Snap Peas
  • Dates
  • Brazil nuts
  • Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans
  • Pita with hummus 

You will obviously need to plan accordingly, meaning you will need some type of bag-I use Walmarts reusable bags and pack snacks in there, then bring a small cooler for my meats and fruits. If I want to go all out for hot meals, I can bring an electric kettle for the hotel and heat up my own water for oatmeal, etc.

Be sure to check with airline rules for dips, liquids, etc. =) 

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