Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brazil Butt Lift Review and Results!

You read that right. The butt, booty, ba-donkadonk, junk in the trunk, you get the picture right? Hips, thighs, booty, it's all lower body. I've struggled with my lower body for YEARS. I was active through out my childhood and teen years, playing soccer, dancing, show choir, and exercising for fun.

But no matter what I did, I was afraid to show off one of my now FAVORITE assets-my booty! Sure it's big, and sometimes I think it may have a mind of it's own, but it's mine. And I have come to love every part of me because that is how God made me. I use to think that liposuction would be the ONLY thing to at least get the jiggle outta this wiggle. But then Leandro Carvahlo came into my life. Well sorta, more like through my TV and into my living room where he made me LIFT, PULSE, and SQUEEZE the fat right outta my toosh!

Brazil Butt Lift is an AMAZING lower body workout, meant to firm, tone and get rid of all that junk in your TRUNK. I'm not saying get a flat ass, or loose the va va voom in your butt, but girl, get the wiggle out at least! Get the firmness you DESERVE! and for you flat butted people, you can lift and shape your butt too! There's hope for every kind of booty out there! So put down the ice cream and get your yoga mat, ankle weights, and resistance band and get to it!

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Here is me and my friends with the MAN himself!!! Thank you for changing my butt Leandro!


  1. Lookin good!!!! by good I mean HAWWWTTT!!! Rawwwrr!

  2. wow great results, takes a lot of dedication to push through those workouts sometimes, but it is definately worth it if you get to look like that after =]