Saturday, October 15, 2011

Are you in your 20s?! If so, LISTEN up! College years and Mid to late 20s!

After receiving a message from my friend, Heally (love ya girl!), she told me that with doing P90x a few times a week, drinking Shakeology, and changing her diet she was able to loose 30 lbs! She's my age (22) and this is HUGE!! Did you ladies and gents know that if you don't start changing the way you eat, working out (if you do or don't), and take care of your health NOW, not tomorrow, not next year, but NOW your chances of heart disease, breast cancer, strokes, heat attacks will greatly increase?! oh and obesity sky rockets too.

Younger 20s: College Years
Sure, you may be thin now and feeling your on top of the world while you attend local frat parties in your cute bodycon skirt, but do you want to be the girl who holds up that bodycon skirt 5 years from now and think "Wow, I can't believe I use to wear this and complain I was fat! look at me now!"

Or guys:

Still drinking a 6 pack every night on the weekends but that only gets you a buzz? Sure I've seen it. I actually knew  a guy who could rest his beer on his gut. Soon that 6 pack turns into a 12 pack and a few years from now it's a keg sitting around your hips. Hit me up when you can't see your feet ;-)

You can make a few small adjustments now, I'm not saying don't have fun and don't party, but do you REALLY need to go out and eat lunch at Panera or Yardhouse 3x a week with the girls, or go to Hooters with the guys 5x a week and choke down their wings (cuz thats what you all go there for right? uh huh, sure!!) Trust me, I've been there! I LOVE not making my own food, but if you aren't disciplined at restaurants and you're drinking 40s every weekend, you are going to see results, and not the good kind.

"If you find your fitness workout groove now, you'll set yourself up for success in the future. Studies show that working out may lower a woman's risk of breast cancer by 47 percent, osteoporosis by 45 percent, and heart disease by 14 percent... The bottom line: Whether you're fresh out of college or funding Junior's tuition, the moment to launch your lifetime fitness plan is now. Then simply adjust your total-body workouts throughout the years to give your muscles, bones, and heart what they need to keep working well enough to keep up with you." from Womens Fitness Magazine.

To read more about what you can do now as a 20 something year old to improve your life later:

Mid to late 20s:
I may be younger, but I have plenty of older friends in their mid and late 20s and I hear it all the time! You all moan like you're 35 and your bones are already creaking. PUHLEASE. Unless you've had some serious surgeries or other physical issues, don't take your still young body for granted!

I know plenty of married 25+ women who are looking to loose the baby weight. I'm sure it's not easy, your body changes, sometimes you don't recognize it, it's not the same one from high school (you just created a life form in you and then pushed it out, can't be easy!) but it's time to get back in the groove and appreciate your womanly curves without the jiggle. You're a mother now, you have to think about your health and your child's, how will you be an example of good health so that your kiddo will be healthy too? And it's not through Oreos (unless its cheat night and you're eating it with milk, once in a while!). The moms I've met seem to always struggle getting the baby weight off, we've heard it before but it can be difficult.

Thats where diet and exercise come into play, if you want results-go back to the basics! Maybe you worked out a lot before the pregnancy and you simply cannot find the motivation to loose the last 20 pounds, well here's one. You know how you were eating for two before? You aren't anymore (unless your BFing, you need the cals! and exercise should be moderate so you don't effect milk supply) Now you are working out for two and eating right to set an example. Childhood obesity is escalating each year now and has TRIPLED in the last 30 years according to CDC. Kids should walk, not waddle.

Ladies and gents without kids, whether you are married or not, you are still in your 20s. You've set into some habits that are simply not going to change because as humans we can be quite stubborn. But if you've set into the habit of eating what you want, when you want, and exercising two times a month and that includes walking to and from your car, then put on a helmet it is going to be one helluva bumpy ride and get some health insurance STAT.

But alas, there is HOPE! =) I'm not saying make huge drastic changes, just a few small adjustments such as working out 3x a week for an hour with cardio, and eating in 5 days a week preparing your own nutritious foods is a step in the right direction. Think brown rice, salads, shrimp, chicken (not friend peeps), quinoa, frozen veggies or fresh is better, hummus, protein bars, Shakeology and so on.

How can you do this? Heres a FEW tips!

1. Find someone to do it with you, support and accountability are pretty much the biggest factors in sticking with a healthier lifestyle, plus the two of you get excited about it! And guys-start a fun competition, whoever gets the most ripped sooner, has to buy the other whatever is that you guys do. If you can't find someone to do it with you, you can join my FB group,  Shut up and Sweat! email me!

2. Keep it simple: Make a schedule of the days you want to workout, whether its hiking, biking, swimming, P90X, Insanity, just pick a few days or even 6 days and do it either first thing in the morning or when you have the most energy.

3. Focus on your goals-whether its loose 5 lbs or 50, eat healthier 5x a week or not go out to eat, write it down and check it every morning. LADIES: DO not step on the scale everyday, it's daunting and exhausting. You are more likely to not loose weight if you were to check it every day.

4. Enjoy LIFE! The second you become TOO legalistic about it and stop being you, is the second this whole thing becomes frustrating and you loose sight of everything. So enjoy a cheat or fun meal 1 or 2x a week, your body needs to be shocked from time to time.

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