Monday, June 13, 2011

Flavor FLAV!!! New Shakeology Flavor TBA!

So, we all love chocolate, greenberry is okay, but now it's time to try another great flavor! Shakeologists (is that even a word?) are working hard to decide and conjure up the tastiest, healthiest, and most natural flavor that is going to get the word out there.

In the running is:
-Berry Medley

Rumors have it that vanilla would be hard to produce to mask the taste of so many vital ingredients, while still attempting to keep it all natural, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I'm already thinking of the amazing concoctions you could make with it.

If you want a chance to WIN A FREE 30 day supply, beachbody has been running a promo on facebook.

“SAVOR THE NEW FLAVOR” sweepstakes on Facebook announcing that they will be giving customers a chance to win a FREE 30-day supply of Shakeology simply by casting their vote for the potential new flavor. 100 more people will receive a FREE 1-Day sample of Shakeology simply for entering.

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Shakeology can help you loose weight, lower cholesterol, feel energized, improve digestion and a million other things. If you to know more about shakeology, click here!

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